Thomas' Dinner Party On 'Southern Charm' Begins With A Very Periwinkle Tour Of His New House

The breakout supporting cast member of Southern Charm made its triumphant return to the small screen this week, and I've yet to stop reeling. No, I’m not talking about Cooper (but I gotta say, his unwavering commitment to diffusing the T-Rav dinner party mêlée was nothing short of admirable). I’m talking about the hue that sent ripples through Charleston. The shade of purple that launched a thousand ships. Yes, T-Rav's dinner featured a cameo by one of Kathryn's many nemeses: the color periwinkle.

Before T-Rav's party devolved into a big screaming match that culminated in half of the guests absconding on a golf cart, he took his friends on a tour of his painfully gorgeous new pad (say what you will about the guy, but dude sure knows how to make a house a home). As the guests made their way up the flight of stairs, I began to wonder if the star of the Season 3 premiere would be back. And what do you know, not two seconds later, T-Rav pointed out his daughter's room. Could it be?

Yes it could. Periwinkle was bac— Wait. Do mine eyes deceive me, or did T-Rav match his dress shirt to the paint? Did he intentionally wear periwinkle to bug Kathryn? Am I cry-laughing right now?

Where was I? Oh, right. Much to Kathryn's chagrin, every wall of Kensie's bedroom was covered in the light bluish-purple hue. JD and Elizabeth cracked a lighthearted joke about periwinkle, Kathryn stewed quietly, and T-Rav silently rehearsed the lyrics to "Something's Coming" one more time (well, that's what I like to imagine he was doing).

Could it be? Yes it could. Something's periwinkle, periwinkle's good.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Bravo