'True Detective' Behind-The-Scenes Photos: What Do They Mean?

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America's favorite television show on HBO that's also a drama and is on TV right now, ever, True Detective, has sent the Internet into a tizzy over theories, thoughts, and hypotheses regarding the brilliant series' central mystery. Who is The Yellow King? Is he a serial killer? What's with the religious aspect? Are Rust Cohle and/or Martin Hart involved? Of course, with only two episodes left in the 8-episode series (I know, it's a goddamn travesty), there are precious few moments for fans to speculate and obsess before the whole truth is revealed. Luckily, a bunch of investigatory Redditors (because who else?) scoured the Internet and found some potentially-spoiler-y behind the scenes images from the set. So we decided: why not speculate on these, eh? So click through and formulate some theories of your own.

Image: HBO

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