'True Detective' Behind-The-Scenes Photos: What Do They Mean?

America's favorite television show on HBO that's also a drama and is on TV right now, ever, True Detective, has sent the Internet into a tizzy over theories, thoughts, and hypotheses regarding the brilliant series' central mystery. Who is The Yellow King? Is he a serial killer? What's with the religious aspect? Are Rust Cohle and/or Martin Hart involved? Of course, with only two episodes left in the 8-episode series (I know, it's a goddamn travesty), there are precious few moments for fans to speculate and obsess before the whole truth is revealed. Luckily, a bunch of investigatory Redditors (because who else?) scoured the Internet and found some potentially-spoiler-y behind the scenes images from the set. So we decided: why not speculate on these, eh? So click through and formulate some theories of your own.

Image: HBO

Cary Fukunaga on a BOAT

And not just any boat: a boat with the name of the series’ first victim on it. What does it all mean? Is Dora a vessel, perhaps (metaphorically speaking as well as literal)?

Image: monsieurmallard/Instagram

Creepy Drawn-On Barn

Considering the drawings mirror the ones back at the church, we can’t help but assume this has something to do with The Yellow King — as most Internetters have already surmised. I’m not sure it’s his home, but — maybe some sort of creepy killing chamber?

Image: youngseb/Instagram

Creepy Isolated House

Could this be THE HOME Of The Yellow King?

Image: youngseb/Instagram

Inside The Creepy Isolated House (Presumably)

It must be: right? Like, where else would all that stuff accumulate? Also worth noting: the tiny wooden version of the house that looks like the aforementioned creepy house.

Image: youngseb/Instagram

Another Shot of The Inside of The Creepy Isolated House (Presumably)

Creepily obsessed with old timey porcelain dolls? Yeah, sounds like a serial killer to me.

Image: youngseb/Instagram

And Another from Inside of The Creepy Isolated House (Presumably)

Seems like The Yellow King might be a bit of a hoarder, eh? (Also: the guy in the photo is on the crew.)

Image: youngseb/Instagram

And Another (Presumably)!

Lots of cloth (sheets?) lying around in that kitchen by the sink, eh? I shudder to think what that means.

Image: youngseb/Instagram

A Graveyard

As HuffPo pointed out (and don’t read any further if you want a potentially big spoiler): “There appears to be a lawnmower in the center with the Lawnmower Man, Errol, from Episode 3. Note the white pickup truck, which was parked outside the school Errol was at in Episode 3. This may link to the latest Lawnmower Man theory.”

Image: youngseb/Instagram

Hart Investigations?

And last but certainly not least: it looks like we are going to get a look at Hart Investigative Solutions, the shop Hart set up to do private investigation and security firm work.

Image: youngseb/Instagram