'Orphan Black' Season 5 May Be The End Of Clone Club As We Know It

Orphan Black is such an enigmatic show with so many twists and turns that I just never want the season to end. There's always so much that I'm dying to know about all of the mysteries of this clone-filled world. Unfortunately, Season 4 of Orphan Black is coming to a close Thursday night whether I like it or not. However, knowing when Season 5 of Orphan Black will premiere should give me some comfort.

Unfortunately, it seems like wondering about when Orphan Black will return is going to inspire a similar eerie feeling of uncertainty that I get at the end of most episodes of the series. That's because BBC America has yet to announce whether or not Orphan Black will be back for another season as of right now.

Orphan Black's ratings have taken a hit since last season, as reports by Deadline and TV by the Numbers show, which is certainly not a good thing when a season renewal is seemingly on the line. However, being a cult phenomenon is kind of Orphan Black 's thing, so ratings might not matter as much. The series is also still one of the buzziest that BBC America has in its current lineup. It just got its very own after show called After the Black this season, too. I think it's also darn near impossible to get sick of watching Tatiana Maslany nail every single clone persona.

All in all, I'm pretty confident that Orphan Black will return for another season. When that will be is obviously another question we just don't know the answer to right now. All four seasons of the series so far have had their season premieres at the end of March to about mid-April, according to TV Guide, so I think it's safe to say that if there is a Season 5 of Orphan Black, it will bow sometime around then in Spring 2017.

If the cast and creative team behind Orphan Black are hard at work on Season 5 of the show, you wouldn't know it. They basically haven't leaked any intel about the upcoming season, if there is one, which probably shouldn't be that surprising considering the super-secretive nature of this series.

But one thing we did learn as early as the beginning of Season 3 is that Season 5 of Orphan Black may be its last. Yes, I tried to block that out of my head too when E! News first reported it in April 2015, but alas, that's what the series co-creator John Fawcett wants. "The series is mapped to a large degree, in that there is always room to move and work organically, but we are working towards a five-season story," Fawcett said in an interview with E! News. "We will arrive at some kind of end destination by the end of Season 5."

However, he didn't totally close the door on a Season 6 of Orphan Black. "I think we want to wrap this story up by the end of Season 5," Fawcett also told E! News. "And then if there are still a lot of fans and a lot of desire to see this show after that, I think there would be some reinvention necessary or some kind of new spin. I don't know what that is or could be. I'm not really thinking about that right now, I'm just thinking about trying to get this story told in five seasons."

Well, let's all just focus on Orphan Black returning for Season 5 for now, and then we'll worry about the future of the series later, OK?

Images: Ken Woroner/BBC America; Giphy (2)