'Jane The Virgin's Rogelio Will Host The TCA Awards & That's All The Reason You Need To Watch

Quite frankly amazing news on Tuesday — Jane The Virgin star Jaime Camil is hosting The Television Critics Association Awards on August 6. But, even better, his alter ego Rogelio will also be in attendance. The actor is a favorite of Jane The Virgin fans, and has given the world endless laughs playing Jane's over-the-top telenovela father Rogelio. That Camil will be appearing onstage in character, for at least part of the night, means that the awards show will be all kinds of epic and hilarious. I'm super excited that Jane The Virgin 's Rogelio will host The TCA Awards 2016; suddenly, everything is right in the world.

Debra Birnbaum, Executive TV Editor at Variety, announced the news on Tuesday via Twitter, and it's a sure sign that The TCA Awards 2016 will be an event to remember. Camil is a man of many talents, even outside of his beloved character. He's currently starring in Chicago on Broadway, as if you needed any further proof of his versatility. As a trained singer and performer, is it possible he'll be breaking into song at the 32nd Annual Television Critics Association Awards? We can only hope. Basically, you're going to want to be at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 6, or at least tuning in.

According to Variety, Camil will start the event with his own opening monologue, which I can only assume will be brilliant. But that's not all. At some point, "the exclusive event will include a cameo by beloved telenovela superstar Rogelio De La Vega, who will be on-hand to fill in for Camil whenever the host needs to take a quick break." Whoever dreamt this up deserves an award, as they've made so many dreams come true all at once. And if The TCA Awards go well, then who knows — perhaps hosting the Academy Awards is next? All the other hosts of any other ceremony ever may as well go show, because Rogelio will outshine them easily.

TCA President Amber Dowling told Variety that having both Camil and Rogelio host the show was "the perfect complement to add some sizzle to this special evening." I personally can't think of a better word than sizzle to describe how I feel about Jaime Camil's latest hosting gig. While we all wait for August 6, it's probably time to marathon watch Jane The Virgin in its entirety and remind ourselves of just how perfect Camil is. Just kidding — as if anyone needs reminding of that. Rogelio has told you often enough.

Images: brittany-thegoodwitch/Tumblr