12 Lessons Rogelio Taught Us On 'Jane The Virgin'

It's no secret that Jane the Virgin has taken TV by storm. What's not to love about the show? You've got the wonderfully strong and empowering character in Jane, a supportive and ever-growing mother in Xo, and a hilariously dramatic and goofy telenovela father in Rogelio. If Rogelio is one of your favorite characters on Jane The Virgin , you're not alone. #VivaDeLaVega is the perfect stand-out character, as he not only leaves me laughing as a fan, but also offers some wise and sound advice to use in my everyday life.

Rogelio might not stand out as your typical words-of-wisdom character on a television show, but that's just because he is a bit of a Confucius in disguise. When you think Rogelio is talking about himself and his fame, he's really handing out life advice that Jane the Virgin fans can carry with them through the highest highs and lowest lows of life. Sometimes, you just need a semi-conceited soap star to tell you what's what.

Here are 12 life lessons from Rogelio that should come in handy if you ever find yourself lost in life, and need some help from the best telenovela star on TV.

Know Your Worth

Don't let people walk all over you. Act like you're the lead of a telenovela all day, every day.

Take Your Craft Seriously

Do what you love, love what you do, and never disrespect the craft.

Envision Your Dreams And They'll Come True

Vision boards work best, according to Rogelio.

Learn To Humblebrag

So you're verified on Twitter? Cool, just slide it into a conversation in an appropriate and classy way.

Lose Gracefully

And it doesn't hurt to add a backhanded compliment in there.

Find Commonalities With New Friends

Extra points if you can say "swagger" and not sound like the worst person in the room.

Whatever You Do, Do It For The Attention

This is a Jenna Maroney (a la 30 Rock) + Rogelio hybrid.

Be Resourceful

Know your friends and family well, and stalk them accordingly.

Learn To Communicate With Youth

If that means you wear a fedora, then take one for the team.

Compare Yourself To The Stars

You and Kanye are no different. KNOW THAT.

Know What Looks Good On You

There's no shame in acknowledging a weakness.

Market Yourself With A Hashtag

#RogelioMyBrogelio will go down in history as one of the greatest hashtags ever.

Images: Danny Feld/The CW; Giphy (3); TalesOfNorth (3), JanetheVirgin-Gifs (6)/Tumblr