'The Tomorrow People': No Surprises Here

On The CW, The Tomorrow People returned this week from its two-week hiatus. Sometimes, shows return from such a break and turn all of your expectations on their head. The Tomorrow People decided to go a different way, and do exactly what you've been expecting all season.

This week's episode, "Brother's Keeper," reveals that Tomorrow People powers can be transferred between siblings. We'll go ahead and pretend that's how genetics work and move forward. We're introduced to twins, Cyrus and Nathan, one of who is a TP, the other is human. Cyrus is a Tomorrow Person, because he has a stranger name. Nathan is just a normal guy. They're the perfect test subjects for an Ultra science project. Apparently, each time this experiment has been tried in the past, the TP sibling dies in the transfer process. And the TP doesn't just die any death, he or she dies a painful death. That detail seems really important to Stephen, who I guess would be okay with the whole thing if the TP died a peaceful death?

Anyway, onto those things you've been expecting all season:

Jedikiah is actually evil and behind everything with Stephen's dad.

Jedikiah was introduced as the series' primary antagonist, but has been suspiciously likable the last few episodes. If you thought TTP was redeeming him or adding layers to the character, it looks like you were wrong. When the Tomorrow People's mission to save the twins from Ultra's evil experiment ends in one dead twin and one escaped TP twin, Uncle Jed is practically in tears. It's more emotion than we've seen from him all season, including all scenes delving into his relationship with John or his TP girlfriend. Stephen shows some uncharacteristic intuition and accuses Jedikiah of being jealous of his brother's powers and wanting them for himself. Jed denies it all, but the episode ends on him creepily talking to the cryogenically frozen body of Stephen's father and it's clear that he does want TP powers.

I can't decide if I want the series to be utterly transparent or to pull a last-minute character switch out of nowhere and re-redeem Jedikiah.

Stephen's mother is a total pushover.

When the series started, Stephen's mother was the typical clueless parent. Last week, we learned that there's more to her than meets the eye, and that she's actually a Tomorrow Person. At the beginning of this week's episode, she takes charge and demands that Stephen pack his things, get his brother ready and get ready to run from the danger Ultra is posing. Then Jed comes and insists that he'll keep everyone safe and she completely doesn't believe him.

Then she… caves. She lets Stephen go with Jed. Then she has a heart-to-heart with John, who stays at Stephen's house during his exile from TP HQ, and learns that Stephen has been acting as a double agent for the Tomorrow People and is a spy in Ultra. He says that the Tomorrow People need Stephen just as much as his family. She doesn't seem totally convinced, but she ultimately decides to let her teenage mutant non-ninja son do whatever he wants and continue to double agent it up and lead a new race of supernatural beings. It's going to be a tight race for TV mother of the year.

Cara is a horrible Tomorrow People leader.

Okay, so this one couldn't have been predicted all season, but it has been obvious since she took control. She routinely makes the worst decision possible. This week, she asked John to come back to the fold because he's the one person she'd sacrifice anything for. John becomes my hero all over again by snubbing her. When she drives their whole mutant race into the ground, he can come save the day and then no one will question his leadership again! (Okay, so I might be a smidge too invested in Cara's shame/John's victory.)

Image: The CW