11 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Villains Who Didn't Deserve All The Hate They Received

For every lead that finds love on The Bachelor/ette there's an equal and opposite force that threatens to take it from them along the way. We call them The Bachelor or Bachelorette "villain," and for years, they've been popping up in our lives/dreams/on every season of the show. On The Bachelorette Season 12, it's Chad Johnson — aka Chad-Bear — aka The Chadelor — aka God's gift to reality TV. When it comes to Season 13, who knows who (or even what) the villain will be, but if Chad's any indication of where this show's headed, I'd say my hopes are pretty high. Though Chad has done some uncouth things, it's possible that we'll look back on his time in the mansion and cut the guy some slack. Because in retrospect, it becomes clear that over the years, there has been a bevy of Bachelor and Bachelorette "villains" that didn't deserve the hate thrown their way.

Sure, these people have done and said terrible things. But, they are also under an immense amount of pressure, isolated from the world, and subject to whatever happens in the enigma that is "the editing room." All I'm saying is, maybe there are some Bachelor and Bachelorette villains who probably aren't as deplorable as they may have seemed at first glance! Like the following 11.

1. Chad

I'm sorry (nope, not really), but he has to be on this list. Yes, Chad happens to be terrifying both in his consumption of deli meat and general demeanor, but he also happens to be honest. I'm not saying the guy's perfect, I'm just saying maybe he deserves a little more credit.

2. Olivia

Olivia was one of those villains who seemed completely susceptible to the pressure and stress of the show and let it get the best of her. I fully believe that Olivia on The Bachelor was vastly different than Olivia in real life.

3. JJ Lane

He was arrogant and annoying and "missing charisma and humility and a sense of humor" (as Amy Schumer put it in a 2015 video), but JJ was always respectful of Kaitlyn during Season 11. Which is much more than you can say about Ian "Who I am is a gift you unwrap for life" Thomson.

4. Kelsey Poe

Wasn't Kelsey Poe amazing? Not really. But she wasn't awful either. The worst thing she ever did was (possibly) fake a panic attack.

5. Nick Viall

Some may argue that Nick doesn't really fit into the "villain" category and that he, instead, is just unlucky in love. (Sorry, Nick.) I really feel like poor guy just wants to find love! Leave him and his deep V-neck tees alone!

6. Tierra LiCausi

Poor Tierra and her relentlessly raised eyebrow. Really gave her a bad rap. Even though "That's her face! She can't help it." (Her words, not mine.)

7. Ben Scott

The single father might not have been the most well-liked by the guys in the house, but other than trying to get time with Desiree, he didn't really do anything wrong.

8. Courtney Robertson

When Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor aired, Courtney Robertson was one of the worst villains the series ever had. And then the unthinkable happened: She won. Since Ben's season, Courtney has come clean about a lot of the things that went on during filming, and it really seems like at the end of the day, she's kind of a cool person.

9. Michelle Money

Like Courtney, Michelle Money knew what she wanted (Brad) and wasn't afraid to get him (and crush everyone in the process). She left a daughter at home and didn't have time to waste, so yeah, her approach might have been aggressive, but she was by no means a true villain.

10. Vienna Girardi

Vienna Girardi was painful to watch during Jake's season. After their relationship took a turn for the worst and Jake's true colors came out, though, Vienna has become more sympathetic.

11. Ed Swiderski

Ed didn't really become a villain until after his season with Jillian Harris aired and rumors of infidelity circulated. Sure, he hasn't always been the picture of perfection (see: his stint on Bachelor Pad where he constantly minimalized his relationship with Jaclyn Swartz), but the guy's not all bad.

Bachlor and Bachelorette villains: We love to hate you, and hate to love you. Or in this case, maybe we should just love you. (No hate.)

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