11 '90s Celeb Moments Still Stylish In 2016

Fashion from the '90s is sweeping through 2016 and it seems it's sticking around. From the resurgence of the grunge phase to the crop of velvet chokers, it appears Millennials get to relive their favorite era for the second time around. In tune with that, there are some '90s celebrity fashion moments that would likely be considered super stylish in the here and now. Back in our tween years, they each gave us a hefty dose of sartorial inspiration, and little has changed. Granted, some of our inspo trickled down from the big sisters and babysitters we secretly looked up to in guarded awe, but the majority of it came from the images we saw on clunky television sets and teen magazines.

With Drew Barrymore laughing in her brown lipstick and Liv Tyler flouncing in her plaid skirts, fashion cues were dog-eared and filed away. Pop princesses with their belly shirts took over TV screens while movie stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar wowed with spaghetti strap tops decorated in rhinestones.

While some of us may have still been too young to slip on the boxy blazers or slip dresses that were so popular throughout that decade, many of us still remember it. And we are pumped to try the looks this time around. Below are 11 '90s celeb fashion moments that are still stylish in 2016.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow Rocking The Choker

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

How many of us can honestly say we don't own a choker right now? With how swiftly it took over the fashion world this year, a whole lot of us are channeling our inner '90s stars with varying designs of velvet and rhinestone throat-hugging goodness.

2. Whitney Houston & Her High-Waist Jeans


Low-cut jeans are a thing of the past, with waistlines cropping up higher and higher as every calendar year passes. And what's super chic right now? High-waisted black jeans, á la Ms. Houston right here. Pair it with a crop top or a snug turtleneck, and you'll be good to go.

3. Christina Aguilera's Crop Top


Crop tops are summer staples and festival must-haves, something that Christina Aguilera would likely happily agree about. We had a moment in the 2000s during which we thought belly-baring, pop princess shirts were so passé, but now you can barely make a right turn in any store without bumping into one.

4. Liv Tyler's Doc Martens

Whether they were a staple for you in high school or you now like to pair your engineer boots with a flirty summer dress, the Doc Marten lives on. And if we're being honest, this whole Empire Records look would work in most of our wardrobes right now.

5. Tori Spelling's Overalls

Overalls are no longer farmer-exclusive. If you want to look chic on a hot summer's day, make like Tori Spelling and put on a pair of overalls and sneakers to achieve street style cool.

6. Jennie Garth's Two-Piece Sets

Just take a stroll through Topshop or ASOS and one thing will become certain: Two-piece sets are back, and in a big way. They give us the convenience of a dress by not making us think of what to match it with, all the while providing options for easily mixing and matching the co-ords with other wardrobe items. Garth was clearly onto something.

7. Shannen Doherty's Baggy Blazers

With the androgynous, I'll-swap-you-my-skirt-for-your-jacket look going strong right now, Doherty's baggy blazer would work perfectly this season. Matched with her high-waist jeans, she looked like the perfect strike between casual and classed up.

8. Karyn Parson's Cut-Out Dress

Whether it's across the cleavage, on the sides of your waist, or running down your back, cut-outs are not a detail that are on their way out of style anytime soon. Hilary Banks' dress looks like something you can snap right off of the hanger of a boutique today if you have the mind to.

9. Sara Gilbert's Circle Readers

Seen on the bridge of every hipster's nose, gold-framed circle readers have come back full force this year. They're equal parts distinguished, and equal parts thrifted. Which is a super attractive mix.

10. Tempestt Bledsoe's Fringe Vest

Raise your hand if you have — at some point — debated wearing this exact vest to one festival or another. The suede fringe trend will never, ever die. And why should it when it can be as fun as this?

11. Tatyana Ali's Grunge Steeze

While it's no surprise that grunge still lives in our hearts and on our closet hangers, Ashley Banks' look here is so very "now." From the high-waist jeans to the super snug tank, you could easily see this look draped over a mannequin at the mall.

All this just goes to show that we should never throw out our clothes. Hoard them until the end, because everything obviously comes right back around again.

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