'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' Season 5 Isn't Confirmed, But We Need Another Season Of These Champagne Problems

The finale of Season 4 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills will finally show the series' biggest moment yet: The very first Rich Kids wedding. And with such an abbreviated, eight-episode season, will # RichKids of Beverly Hills return for Season 5? I can't see why E! would want to cancel this series — it's one of the network's most entertaining series. They haven't announced whether or not the show will be back, but don't worry, because the Season 4 wasn't renewed until November of 2015.

The fourth season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills pushed all of the Rich Kids to push forward in their lives. Obviously, Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick's wedding was a huge step forward for the frequently bickering couple. EJ Johnson decided to move out of Beverly Hills and head back to New York City (stay tuned for his upcoming spinoff, which should be just as fabulous as he is). Bianca Espada joined the cast and caused quite a little bit of drama as her friendship with Dorothy Wang was tested because of her dislike of Brendan. And, Dorothy, who's struggled to find her purpose in life, made steps forward as a confident aspiring business mogul, while Jonny started a career as a DJ. But, if that doesn't convince you, here's a few more reasons why Rich Kids of Beverly Hills deserves to return for another season to show us more of these stars' lives.

It's Wish Fulfillment For The Fun We Wish We Could All Be Having

Most people wish they could spend their days shopping for expensive SUVs and their nights getting into VIP sections, and watching this cast get to have fun is like a less toxic version of Entourage.

It's The New Cribs Or Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous

When the "Rich Kids of Instagram" first became famous, it was because they showed off their expensive watches, champagne, and designer goods. And just like past TV shows that offered a peek into how the other half lives, Rich Kids shows where the "magic" — and the super expensive handbags — happens.

They Can Be Very Relatable

Who hasn't struggled to find their purpose, not quite sure what to do with their lives? This cast might be rich, but they're also kids — and it's super relatable to see them try to figure out life together.

It Fits Perfectly On E!

The network that made its name on the Kardashian family would be dead wrong if it got rid of this series, which is a perfect fit for the network's penchant for lovable but slightly oblivious ensembles.

The Post-Honeymoon Brendan & Morgan Will Be Fascinating

I still can't decide whether or not these two are the perfect couple, or the perfect example of "opposites attract." Their wedding planning was rocky, but it seems like they're really in love. Seeing how their chronically single friends react to having a married couple in the group is going to be priceless.

They Actually Seem Like A Real Group Of Friends

You and your friends might not take private planes to Vegas every weekend, but the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cast otherwise seem exactly like any group of friends in their mid-20s. There's constant petty arguing, tons of alcohol, and, in the end, they all love one another. And I think this group has proven that they deserve another season to show how fun they are.

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment; Giphy