The 'Rich Kids' Wedding Will Have Lots Of Drama

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills may have had a great time in Vegas celebrating Dorothy's birthday, but, in this exclusive clip from the E! show, fans can see more of the upcoming Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart wedding drama. So far, it's Morgan's Bridezilla behavior that's been causing most of the problems between her and Brendan and alienating Dorothy, but it looks like, as the show gets closer to the actual wedding, the stress is starting to take its toll. At what should be the most fun part of the wedding — the bachelor and bachelorette partiesthe clip teases a lot of conflict in store in the upcoming Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills episodes.

Bianca and Brendan have been at odds, and even though Bianca's brother is still close friends with Brendan, she hasn't spoken to her brother in years because of the conflict. So, she's definitely not going to be at the wedding, but in this clip, she sounds like she's out to "ruin" Morgan's life. That might be because of something Morgan said to protect Brendan, or maybe Bianca is protective of Dorothy after a bridesmaid related incident. In another episode, Morgan was so upset that Bianca asked her friends not to use Brendan as a real estate broker so clearly the drama between them all is just going to blow up even more.

The rest of the clip makes it sound like there might be a problem between Morgan and Brendan as well, surrounding the couple's chosen bachelor and bachelorette parties. I'm not sure how exactly those events could go so, so wrong... But, this won't actually wind up derailing the wedding, since E! Online reported they've already been officially married. Brendan and Morgan may have their issues, but they do really seem to be a good pair. But even so, clearly the road to the wedding was a bumpy one.

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment