The One Thing You Had In Your '90s Wardrobe

What I'm about to say may seem obvious to anyone who was around during the '90s, was born in the '90s, or took part in the recent sartorial revival of the decade's style. But to clarify nonetheless, there was one item every '90s kid had in their wardrobe, regardless of age, allowance allotment, or location. And that was the quintessential tie dye T-shirt.

Sure, all you '90s babies are probably experiencing a, "Well, duh," kind of moment. But there's no such thing as too much celebration and reminiscing about the decade of our youth, as proven by literally every fashion outlet and beloved celebrity in the past couple of years. If you want to get philosophical about it, the tie dye tee kind of bridged borders that a lot of fashions could never dream of.

You didn't have to be a surfer to have a tie dye T-shirt. It didn't have to be summer to wear your tie dye T-shirt. You didn't have to subscribe to any particular gender to wear a tie dye T-shirt. Hell, you didn't even have to go buy a tie dye T-shirt to wear one, because you could easily make your own at home. Yep. The tie dye T-shirt was in everyone's wardrobe back then.

What I love about the classic tie dye top is the many ways in which it can be worn. Man, woman, child, or anything in between (although it's admittedly predominantly loved by teens) can rock the look at home, at the park, at the bar, and even in their later years. It's timeless. It's universal. It's magical.

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The tie dye top can also be casual just as much as it can be cute. Plus, it's stood the test of time, from the free-loving '60s to the rave scene of the '90s to today: The era of the '90s revival.

In fact, it's pretty safe to say that most Millennials probably have a tie dyed item in their wardrobe right now. I know most of my friends do. It's an item of comfort, and a reminder of our youths before we realized that being a Millennial is actually pretty crap. Even if you only use it for sleeping in so that you don't ruin your all-black-everything aesthetic in the daytime, the tie dye T-shirt is a look that is destined to last through the generations.

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