Will Bianca Espada Return To 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' For Season 5? She Brought Her Share Of Drama

Bianca Espada was a complete surprise. While her introduction on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills made her seem like a fun, relaxed party girl, she turned out to have a very dramatic side, sowing seeds of distrust between besties Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart in the heat of Morgan's wedding planning. So will Bianca Espada be returning for Rich Kids Season 5? She certainly meets the qualifications for the show — she's incredibly rich, loves to party, and always shows up dressed in some kind of incredible designer ensemble put together in an unconventional way. So, she certainly fits in with the super privileged group of Rich Kids.

However, Bianca splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City, and while every season of Rich Kids offers at least one trip to the east coast, the rest of the Kids are all firmly based in L.A. And, she didn't seem to get along very well with the majority of the cast, so I'm not sure if she'd even want to come back for additional seasons of the show. The only main cast member who's ever been cut is Roxy Sowlaty, after her big fight with Morgan Stewart that ended their years of friendship.

And, while Bianca may have done a better job than Roxy at repairing her relationships with the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cast during the actual season, I don't know if there's any evidence that the group has been able to keep up that truce on social media — which is where most of this cast shares all of their important life decisions. Bianca hasn't posted a photo with Dorothy, once her closest friend in the cast, since promoting the season premiere of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. She didn't even leave up any pics from the night of Dorothy's birthday! Sure, the two got into a big fight, but they eventually made up and resumed hanging out. To contrast, after bickering for the first few episodes, Dorothy and Morgan were also close by the end of the season, after opening up about Bianca's rumors and realizing that they just need to communicate, and they've been posting pics together nonstop.

The closest to seeing Bianca hang out with the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cast lately is this pic of Jonny Drubel and Dorothy hanging out with Bianca's close friend Lily Ghalichi.

So, right now, it seems like most of the cast is on Brendan and Morgan's side of the feud, not Bianca's. But it's possible for Bianca Espada to return for another season of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills — so long as she doesn't have a problem either eating some humble pie and apologizing, or owning her role as the pot-stirring member of the gang.