Who Is Bronte D’Acquisto? The 'Big Brother 18' Houseguest May Have A Modeling Past

With the announcement of the Big Brother Season 18 houseguests — just in time for the season premiere on June 22 — it's time to get to know a little bit about the contestants. In this case, we're talkin' specifically about BB18 cast member Bronte D’Acquisto, the 26-year-old student from Denver with a huge smile and a badass name (this is me speculating that she was named after the Bronte sisters).

According to her official Big Brother bio (say that five times fast), D'Acquisto is all about running and math (seriously: she likes to solve math problems "consisting of calculus, statistics and probability"). I'm also getting some serious '90s vibes from her here, considering she mentioned that she also likes to "walk to the mall to purchase more hair accessories." I can definitely get behind that.

As for her BB tactics, D'Acquisto plans to model her strategy after Season 16 contestant Derrick Levasseur.

"I loved Derrick! He played such a well-rounded game," her bio states. "I truly want people to say, 'Oh, Bronte is the girl-version of Derrick!'"

"Before I make a move, I am going to think through the worst-case scenario of what might happen with my decisions, and then come up with solutions for them!" she wrote. "Houseguests tend to focus on how everything will play out perfectly and then they don’t know how to get out of a sticky situation."

After doing some Internet sleuthing of my own, it looks like D'Acquisto also has a bit of a modeling and acting background. While she currently lives in Denver, she's originally from San Diego and appears to have a profile on Modeling Mayhem. In addition to listing her modeling stats and theater resume, clearly the most important piece of information on here is that she apparently appeared on an episode of TLC's "My Collection Obsession." This is everything.

As for how she will fare in the house, it looks like we have just a couple of days to find out. D'Acquisto stated in her bio that the most difficult part about being locked in the BB house is, well, being locked in the house.

"I think I might become stir-crazy after a good month-and-a-half," she said. "I really enjoy getting outdoors and going on hikes, so staying put inside for that long will be a challenge."

Let's hope she lasts!

Image: CBS; Giphy