Who Is Jozea Flores? 'Big Brother 18' Features A Makeup Artist Who's A Big Fan Of Frankie Grande

The first day of summer might be June 20, but for fans of Big Brother, the start of the season came a few days early. All Big Brother fans know that the show airs every summer, and now we know which contestants we'll be watching while sitting in front of our air conditioners this go 'round. Twelve of the 16 cast members were announced by CBS on Tuesday and while two of them are siblings of former cast members, there's also some unknowns who are worth getting to know before the June 22 premiere. This includes Big Brother 18 cast member Jozea Flores, and he sounds... practical.

In his cast bio, Jozea said of what he'll take into the house, "I’d take my body to win the physical challenges, my mind to be smart to win the show, and my clothes to have something to wear." Well, can't say that doesn't make sense.

As far as his plan to win the game, the 25-year-old said, "My only strategy to win the game is to use my mind to get into other people’s heads. I’ll use my love and caring for the other Houseguests to maneuver my way through this competition." I'm guessing that his fellow Houseguests will have plans that are a bit more aggressive, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

As for some of the basics about Jozea, he's a makeup artist who currently lives in Los Angeles, but who is from Bridgeton, N.J. originally. He is a fan of going to the gym, doing yoga, and hiking. And he is also a fan of Frankie Grande, so, yeah... Great news if you're a fan of the Season 16 contestant, and good luck in overlooking this aspect of Jozea's personality if you aren't. As Jozea said in his bio, "I loved Frankie Grande [from Season 16] because, to me, he had drive, nerve, talent, and was a very strong, competitive player."

It doesn't appear that Jozea has any public social media profiles as of yet (unless this empty Twitter account from 2010 is him...), but you can check him out in all his makeup artist glory in the below YouTube video:

Vision Network, Inc. on YouTube

As for what else we can learn about Jozea before the show premieres: He has tattoos, he likes hats, he really enunciates his words (see video above), and he loves a runway look for a bride (yeah, also that video from above). Can't wait to learn more, Jozea!

Image: CBS