This Photo Of Vanessa & Tiffany Rousso Proves That Tiffany Will Dominate 'Big Brother 18' — PHOTO

There's some new blood expected to roll into town this summer for Big Brother Season 18. Not to jump to conclusions, but there's certainly one contestant in particular who seems like she totally has it in the bag. Professional poker player Vanessa Rousso was the badass (with a crying fit from time to time), standout star of Season 17, and, although she took third place, she definitely has what it takes to get her sister Tiffany to victory and that $500,000 paycheck. That's right, BB will have some familiar genes this year thanks in part to the addition of Rousso's little sis, and this picture of Vanessa and Tiffany Rousso shows that the latter has what it takes to hold her own just fine.

The 32-year-old Florida native was born and raised in the sunshine state, where she currently resides, so you know she's chill as hell. She's also a high school teacher, which is why it's safe to say she knows how to deal with all kinds of people and their nonsense. If you can handle emotional adolescents on a day-to-day basis, you are my hero. Which leads to my next point — the BB rookie is also super private. She opts out of social media and seems to only have a private Instagram account. Privacy is the perfect weapon on BB, you see. She'll keep her cards close and, next thing you know, start whipping out poker mind tricks like her older sis.

See that pic? It's one of the rare photos of Rousso on social media, and she's already winning me over. The pose. The coyness. The ride-or-die vibes with her sister. And she's gorgeous, which can totally play to her advantage. What? You know it can.

She also just seems so damn well-rounded and open-minded. According to her CBS bio, she's an athlete, and partakes in sports like basketball, wakeboarding, and paddle boarding. And she's an artist, who's taken up painting, singing, and playing guitar. A jack of all trades up in here, one not to be underestimated. Bring on the (mind) games. Most importantly, though, is her "sincere" nature and her passion, as she says her life motto is: "Live with urgency." She's got this.

Her sis is definitely off teaching her even more tricks as we speak.

Images: CBS; Giphy