Who Is Tiffany Rousso From 'Big Brother 18'? Season 17 Contestant Vanessa Rousso's Sister Has An Advantage

A whole new batch of hopefuls have their eye on that $500,000 prize as Big Brother keeps things in the family with Season 18. Today, Big Brother's Season 18 cast was revealed, and there were a few familiar names, including Paul Calafiore, the brother of Season 16 runner-up Cody Calafiore, as well as Tiffany Rousso, the younger sister of pro poker player and Season 17 contestant Vanessa Rousso. Let's hope those mastermind genes are passed down, especially for Rousso, whose sis totally dominated last season (with the help of some tears, obviously). But will she be able to fill her big sister's shoes and maybe even take home the gold? Here's what there is to know about about the Big Brother prodigy in the making that will help you decide.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old is a West Palm Beach native and seems like a beach girl at heart, since she still resides in Florida. (Palm Beach Gardens, these days.) The high school teacher describes herself as "passionate, smart, and sincere" and dabbles in both sports (basketball, wakeboarding, paddle boarding) and art (painting, singing, and playing guitar). Umm, is she perfect? It looks like she keeps her life super private, as she's MIA on Twitter and has a private Instagram account. Here, check for yourselves. Still, she seems like a ride-or-die kinda chick from what I'm seeing.

Here she is dressed up for Halloween with her sis last year, and they seriously look puuurfect:

And posted up with BB Season 17 contestant Jason Roy.

She's been praised for her natural beauty, because let's face it, she's a stunner.

But I don't think we should let Rousso's undercover facade fool us. She tells home network CBS that her life motto is "Live with urgency," which tells me she'll definitely come in for the kill. Plus, she's got her big sis on her side to show her the ropes and keep her eye on the prize. Seems Vanessa has known about her little sister's debut all this time...

Sneaky girls. They keep it up and the Rousso family will be un-freakin-stoppable. And millionaires.

Image: CBS