These Photos Of Cody & Paulie Calafiore From 'Big Brother' Let You Decide If The Sibling Contestants Look Alike

The time is upon us! Big Brother 18 premieres on June 22, and on Tuesday, 12 members of this year's 16-member cast were announced by CBS. This season isn't an All Stars round, but it does feature two faces that might look a little familiar. BB18 includes BB17 runner-up Vanessa Rousso's sister, Tiffany Rousso, and BB16 runner-up Cody Calafiore's brother, Paulie Califiore. Because, of course, fans of the show will first want the answer to the question, "Omg! But do they look alike?!" I've decided to round-up photos of Cody and Paulie Calafiore for everyone's viewing pleasure.

If you ask me, the brothers Calafiore don't look that much alike, but they do have the same eyes. (My time watching Maury has really helped me out here.) And even though they aren't all that similar in looks, I would bet that half a million dollar prize Julie Chen's always going on about that, like Cody, Paulie will also be the resident hottie of his season. You need to look no further than the fact that he's the only contestant to appear shirtless in his Big Brother bio pic to figure that one out.

Now, without further ado, I'll let the pictures do the talking so you can see what a pair of bro-y bros who both decided to appear on the same reality show looks like.

Hashtag Calbros

They have their own hashtag. These guys are already at it with the marketing.

Gettin' Dressy

How does that saying go? The brothers who wear blazers with T-shirts and chains together, stays together?


Cody loves hashtags. Let that be the lesson of today.

Auditioning For The Bachelor?

Nah, I think they're just messing around with roses. But might I suggest that that be the reality show these two brothers hit up next.

Best of luck on your new adventure, Paulie C. Hopefully you're brother trained you well.