Who Is Michelle From 'Big Brother 18'? The New Houseguest Has A Smart Strategy

It took the people behind Big Brother Season 18 a tad longer than we would have liked, but, on Tuesday June 14, an announcement came on high (or more accurately, to CBS) which revealed 12 of the members of the Big Brother 18 cast. And, of course, along with that revelation came the usual biographies that gave us insight into the new houseguests' hometowns, occupations, and favorite activities. All of these fresh faces seem like they could bring some intrigue with just a dash of paranoia to the table. But let's focus on one for now, shall we? Who is Michelle Meyer from BB18 ? She looks innocent enough from the get-go, but who knows what drama this sweet-faced gal can bring to the table?

According to CBS' website, Meyer is a 23-year-old nutritionist from Washington Township, Michigan who is not to be underestimated. If she were to describe herself in three words, she would use "quirky, bubbly, and curious," all of which are things that could beneficial to her in the house. (Especially when it comes to forming alliances and sticking her nose into places that will give her some informational leverage over the other houseguests.) She enjoys cooking, reading, going on Reddit (Big Brother fans on Reddit are already losing their minds over this fact), watching Live Feeds, researching nutrition-related topics, photography, working out, and selling stuff on eBay.

Interestingly enough, she shares that her life motto is "be underestimated," because she wants to be "smarter than people think I am, stronger than people think I am, etc. It gives you the upper hand." That has floater written all over it, but maybe she can make that strategy work for her.

On Big Brother Network, Meyer admitted that she will be following the game plan of her BB idol, Ian Terry from Season 14. She claims he “is so freaking attractive to me, played the type of game I would play, acted like how I would act in the Big Brother house (taking everything in, doing weird stuff around the house), and beat Dan." She's ready for any potential showmance, taking on punishments, taking out big targets, and passively manipulating people just like Ian.


Though clearly ready for the game, Michelle isn't ready for the paranoia or gossip. On Big Brother Network, she also claimed that she would not be interested in starting drama or spreading gossip. "[Gossip] has gotten me in trouble in the past," she said, "And it’s definitely not good for my game. It’s like a giant game of telephone!”

It's going to be interesting to see how Meyer's strategy works out in BB18. Will her bubbly personality and positivity win the day? Or will she be crushed by someone else wh'os a little more aggressive? Only time, and new episodes of Big Brother, will tell.

Images: CBS (2); Giphy