Is Paul Abrahamian From ‘Big Brother 18’ Single? His Social Media Accounts Tell A Complicated Story

Good news, singletons: The Big Brother cast has been announced, and the list of housemates is chock full of attractive men and women for your voyeuristic pleasure. (Thank you for that, CBS!) But the one guy in the house that everyone seems to be turning their attention toward is Paul Abrahamian, the fashion designer from Los Angeles, CA. So is Paul Abrahamian from Big Brother 18 single, or are those good looks going to potentially get him into trouble in the Big Brother house?

Without being hearing it from Abrahamian’s himself, his relationship status is still a little unclear, but until he confirms it for himself in the first few days in the Big Brother house, the only thing there really is to go off of is social media. And what little dirt there is to find on him online. But even that doesn’t give a clear picture of Abrahamian’s relationship status, because this guy is pretty quiet on the social media front. With an Instagram account that seems more interested in selling clothes from his apparel line, Dead Skull than sharing anything about himself personally (hey, fair enough), and a Twitter account that has barely been updated since 2014, the facts are a little difficult to make out.

Still, a retweet from February 2014 from Oana Gregory mentioning her boyfriend’s beard sent me on a social media hunt that proved pretty fruitful. As recently as October 2015, Oana Gregory was posting adorable pictures that Abrahamian was tagged or clearly visible in, including some study session pictures and one of Paul playing with her cat. For his part, Abrahamian tweeted a few endearing messages in the past and tagged Oana Gregory in them.

But that was over six months ago. In December 2015, Gregory tweeted a cryptic message that sound as close to a breakup tweet as any that I’ve ever read. In it she says, “Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” Since then there have been no pictures of the other on each other’s social media accounts, nor have there been any tags to suggest that they are still together.

But social media only tells one side of a very complicated story, so there's no telling what exactly is going on here. Fans of the show will have to wait until Big Brother 18 airs to find out for sure if Abrahamian is single or not.

Image: CBS