Colourpop’s Sculpting Stix Come In These Shades

On Tuesday, news broke that the highly anticipated Colourpop Cosmetics Sculpting Stix are being released on June 16. The launch of the insanely affordable product is exciting for beauty lovers everywhere not just for the quality and affordability but also the range of colors. So what colors do Colourpop’s Sculpting Stix come in? The collection features six new highlighting shades and six new contour shades that range from porcelain colors to deep tones. Basically, while the launch may seem small, the brand made sure to be inclusive with their range.

While Colourpop hasn't made their way into stores quite yet, the online retailer has established themselves as a competitive brand, and the release of the Sculpting Stix just showcase that their reach is continuing to expand. Colourpop has already made headlines for the expansive line of liquid lipsticks that are often named are fantastic duplicates for Kylie Jenner's eponymous lip kits. Now, their range of products is only set to expand further, making them a formidable force in the cosmetics world.

The Colourpop Sculpting Stix release on June 16 will showcase six highlight shades and six contour shades. The contour shades in particular, though, are notable not just for their affordable price tag but also for their range. With a light cool ton entitled Dove, they have pale customers covered, and with their deep shade Dume, they have darker-hued ladies taken care of as well.

Similar to the contour shades, the highlighting products feature gorgeous, diverse undertones. From peach hues to a nearly vanilla shade, the highlight is sure to have your under-eye highlight popping.

While TrendMood's Instagram photo is missing one shade of highlight and one shade of contour, adding those additional colors only reinforces the brand's commitment to diversity. While some brands have faced criticism for their lack of a diverse range of shades, Colourpop seemed determine to make a statement that they're a brand who is devoted to all their customers.

If customers had been wondering what color the Colourpop Sculpting Stix come in out of concern that there wouldn't be a shade, no worries there. The Sculpting Stix may be few, but they're awesomely diverse. So, go ahead and get your wallet ready, everyone, because these beauties are going to be amazing.