How Much Are ColourPop’s Highlight & Contour Sculpting Stix? They Are So Affordable

The brand new ColourPop x Jaime King Alchemy collection is one every makeup fan should check out. Not only is it completely vegan, cruelty free, and gorgeous, but is also brings us ColourPop's first ever highlight and contour sticks. But you may be wondering, how much will the ColourPop Sculpting Stixs cost? Fear not — the price is so low, you probably won't even believe it.

Both of the brand-new Sculpting Stix cost only $5 each. Feel free to rub your eyes and pinch your skin, but that is the correct price, I promise you. I'll say it again, just to be absolutely clear: both the contour stick in New Renaissance and the highlight stick in Releve are a whopping five bucks each. Yeah, you can get a fully contoured, Kardashian level sculpted face for just $10. If that's not affordable considering how gorgeous these products are, then I don't know what is!

Both the highlighter stick and the contour stick look absolutely beautiful in the online swatches. Just take a look at how creamy the golden Releve highlight is in the below photo. Imagine applying that before a night out on the town? Think of the glow you'd give off!

Releve Highlight, $5,

And the New Renaissance contour stick? Don't even get me started. The shade is a perfect matte brown that's beyond versatile, and can be blended and applied to get that perfect contour and shadowed look even Kim Kardashian could be jealous of.

New Renaissance Contour, $5,

And at only $5 a piece? That's a true makeup steal. You can get everything you need to contour for the price of two lattes. Considering most highlight and contour duos can cost upwards of $40, you can't afford not to pick these up.

The items are available to shop now, so be sure to check out the collection on ColourPop's website ASAP!

The Alchemy collection was created by Jaime King in collaboration with ColourPop to "celebrate the inner beauty that we all innately carry and create that which celebrates that which radiates from within," as she stated in one of her Instagram posts around announcing the range. These Sculpting Stix are the first of their kind for ColourPop, and beyond lust-worthy for anyone who is a fan of highlighting and contouring.

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Images: jamieking/Instagram, ColourPop