California Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured

Around 5:40 p.m. PT Tuesday, four people were shot in Oakland, California. One victim, a 16-year-old girl who was reportedly attending a vigil service for someone who had drowned in Stanislaus County near Oakland, has died, according to police. There is little information on the other three victims, but Officer Kyle Hazen told The Los Angeles Times that they "are from a wide age range." The victims were taken to Alameda County Medical Center, where they have since been listed in stable condition.

The hashtag #PrayForOakland quickly began trending on Twitter as news broke of yet another mass shooting in the U.S. Although little is known about this seemingly isolated situation, it comes after a long weekend of similarly tragic events. On Saturday, June 11, a man allegedly shot and killed his wife and three daughters in New Mexico. At least 10 others died Saturday in shootings which killed four or more people in a single incident, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive. On Sunday, June 12, a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida left 50 dead and wounded 53 others.

The shooting in Oakland is no different from these other senseless events and, unfortunately, it only highlights the need for stricter gun reform in the U.S. as these situations continue to happen with shocking frequency.