Kris Jenner Is The Grandma You Never Knew You Wanted & Here's Why

When it comes to being a mom, there's a good chance that, after six children, Kris Jenner has seen it all. And even though she definitely keeps herself busy managing her kids' careers and taking care of her family, she always has plenty of time to spend with her grandchildren. Between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Jenner now has five of them, and that number will only grow when Rob and Blac Chyna welcome their first baby later this year. Between North, Saint, Reign, Penelope, and Mason, Jenner has a lot of love to go around, and Grandma Kris' attention is never in short supply. Jenner's most adorable moments with her grandchildren are happening all the time, and I have a feeling as the kids get older their relationship will only grow.

If you follow Jenner (and her daughters) on social media or watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you already know that she and her kids' kids have a pretty close relationship, just like the one she has with the rest of her family. And according to the photos she's always posting, it seems like they have a lot of fun. Honestly, at this point, I wish Jenner was my grandma. I'd wear matching outfits with her any day... especially if those outfits made it to Instagram.

Here are some of Jenner's cutest moments with her grandchildren. Serious #GrandmaGoals over here, guys.

When She Got Four Generations In One Photo

How cute are these people?!

When She & Penelope Matched

Whether these outfits were a reference to Beyoncé's Lemonade or not, I'm on board.

When She & Mason Napped In The Car


She's busy. Give her a break!

When All The Grandkids Helped With Her Birthday Video

As if a remix of Kris Jenner's music video "I Love My Friends" wasn't enough, I can't handle the cuteness of her grandkids pitching in to wish her a happy birthday.

Her Birthday Wish To Penelope

That face, though! Her grandma definitely loves her.

When She Thanked Disick For Being A Good Dad

All together now: Aww.

When She Killed The Easter Basket Game

They're so lucky!

Her Grandkid Bears

So sweet of the hotel to do that for her!

Her Birthday Shout Out To North

And if she couldn't get any more adorable...

Part Two Of Her Birthday Wishes

It's official: Kris Jenner is the cutest grandma ever. Now if only she'd share more photos with her and the littlest members of the Kardashian gang. Jenner, hook us up!

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