'I Am Cait's New Emmys Category Will Put It Up Against Another Familiar, Family Show

Typically the behind-the-scenes finagling of what show is in what category for award shows goes over my head. However, I can't help but a recent change that puts I Am Cait in a new Emmys category that will result in the show going up against Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the award. This isn't like those weird things where Orange Is The New Black is a drama one year and a comedy the next; this is a real life drama, with family member going up against family members. Initially, Caitlyn Jenner's docu-series was submitted for consideration in the category of Documentary or Nonfiction Series, but the TV Academy gave that a hard nope, and moved it to where they think it belongs: the Unstructured Reality Program category. And that's where, as I mentioned, I Am Cait is likely to make some waves as it bumps up against another familiar series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Up until a few years ago, Outstanding Reality Program was its own category, but, in 2014, it was split into two subcategories: Unstructured Reality Program and Structured Reality Program. In the two years since, the Unstructured Emmy has been claimed by Deadliest Catch both times, and, if given the nod, both KUWTK and I Am Cait would be seeing their first nominations in the category. But if they do both make the cut, and somehow beat out the winningest crab boats in town, then who's more likely to come out on top? Well, obviously it's impossible to say which way the voters would go, but I think that, between the two Kardashian-Jenner projects, I Am Cait is much more likely to come away with not just the nomination, but the actual win.

Not only has Keeping Up With The Kardashians been on the air for 12 seasons, as opposed to I Am Cait 's two, but I Am Cait is chronicling a journey that's far more important in 2016. It's bold of the Kardashian-Jenners to share as much as they do on KUWTK, because they really allow the cameras into their whole lives and seem to hold nothing back. But I wouldn't say that it's brave, per se. In comparison, Jenner is generously inviting us along on a story that is still in the process of being written, allowing us to see her getting to live as the woman she's always known herself to be.

I Am Cait is about someone coming out of hiding and sharing that journey of self-discovery and self-affirmation with the world. So, sorry Kris, Khloé, Kourtney, Kim, and the whole gang, but I just don't think this is your year. But, hey, it's still a win if you keep it in the family, right?

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