The Best LGBT Pride Merchandise To Show Your Support

It's LGBT Pride Month! And if you're planning to march in a Pride Parade or attend an event, one of the best parts of the whole celebration is the dressing up to show your love and support for the LGBT community. I feel bad suggesting exactly what to wear, because you can (and should) wear literally anything you want. Like, anything. If you feel like wearing nothing but a bikini made of rainbow candy, then you go for it. You want to wear that wig you've been eyeing forever? It's time to buy it. It can be as silly or as serious as you want, you just need to feel comfortable. And of course, proud.

Obviously rainbows are the name of the game, but it also goes beyond that. You can wear whatever, accessorize with whatever, and do crazy makeup — or don't. I personally love dragging the face paints out, but if it's not your thing, don't worry. There's something for everyone.

The good news is that there's a lot of merchandise available to get you started, some of which support great organizations. So if you're looking to get started, here is some great Pride merchandise to check out:

1. Orlando Pulse Fundraiser T-Shirt

Orlando Pulse Fundraiser T-Shirt, $25, Revel And Riot

A pride T-shirt for an important cause? Done.

2. Rainbow Pride Wristband

Rainbow Pride Wristband, $2, Rainbow Depot

A cheap and easy way to get your pride on, like your sixth grade Livestrong bracelet but without any scandals.

3. Gay Civil Rights Pin

Gay Civil Rights Pin, $1, Rainbow Depot

A great reminder of why people march.

4. Some People Are Trans T-Shirt

Some People Are Trans T-Shirt, $22, Stonewall UK

Stonewall is a great UK organization, and right along with their "Acceptance without exception" motto this T-shirt is also available in gay, lesbian, and other options.

5. Stonewall Scrawl T-Shirt

Stonewall Scrawl, $22, Stonewall UK

The same organization with a slightly edgier aesthetic.

6. I Love My Gay Son T-Shirt

I Love My Gay Soon T-Shirt, $32, Zazzle

A great way to show support, they have options for every relationship you might have.

7. Bisexual Symbol Mug

Bisexual Mug, $19, Zazzle

OK, maybe you wouldn't march with this but I'm bisexual and I love tea and coffee, so let's make this happen people.

8. Love Is Love Shirt

Love Is Love Shirt, $16, Amazon

Love is love is love.

9. Pride Tank Top

Pride Racerback Tank Top, $18, Amazon

For those who love wearing black but also love pride.

10. Pride Sweat Pants

Pride Sweat Pants, $17, Amazon

Sweat pants forever. Be proud of your sweatpants.

11. Rainbow Arm Warmers

Rainbow Arm Warmers, $9, Amazon

If you're feeling proud and like Punky Brewster, nobody will make you choose between the two.

12. Equality Dog Tag

Equality Dog Tag, $4, Amazon

It's all about the accessories.

13. I'm A Person T-Shirt

I'm A Person T-Shirt, $13, Amazon

The bottom line — a good reminder that everyone, no matter who they love or sleep with, is a damn human being.

Images: Revel And Riot; Rainbow Depot; Stonewall UK; Zazzle; Amazon