10 Kit Harington Hair Moments That Made Jon Snow & 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Freak Out

Game Of Thrones fans are known for their attention to detail and wild theories. Viewers go over the actors’ on-screen and off-screen actions with a fine tooth comb to glean potential storylines and possible outcomes for characters with undetermined fates. While there are too many off-screen fueled theories to recount, there is one indicator that have made fans freak out time and time again, while having some major impacts on pop culture. And that’s Kit Harington’s hair theories from Game of Thrones fans.

That’s right, we all have our eyes glued to Kit Harington’s long, flowing locks for many months. Whenever he alters his lumberjack look, Game Of Thrones fans panic because it could mean a change for his character — basically, we jump to conclusions about Jon Snow's death. The converse is also true, fans have also taken solace in Harington’s unchanged curly tresses. In addition to unlocking potential spoilers, Harington’s hair has influenced men’s style or contributed to hunky hair trends. It seems that after 6 successful season’s on HBO, Jon Snow’s hair is the real star. Dare I say it, but could his Night’s Watch man perm be the new Rachel from Friends?

With the phenomena that is Kit Harington’s curly locks in mind, let’s take a look at how this hairdo has contributed to pop culture. Here is a history of Kit Harington’s biggest hair moments.

Baby Faced Jon Snow, 2011

Look at season one, pre Night’s Watch Jon Snow. His baby face is practically clean-shaven. How innocent Jon was before he ventured north of the Wall. You truly know nothing here, Jon Snow.

Kit Harington Doesn’t Like “The Jon Snow,” December 2014

In 2014, Harington revealed that he didn’t like “The Jon Snow” aka his long, curly look. He told Metro in a 2014 interview that he had “screwed himself over” by agreeing to the contractual obligation that he would not cut his hair, unlike his female co-stars who opted for wigs. So, as long as he’s Jon Snow, it would seem that he would have long hair…

Kit Trims His Hair, We All Think Jon Snow Will Die, January 2015


Almost on the heels of Harington’s announced disdain of his long hair, he appeared at the premiere of his film Testament Of Youth with shorter hair. Honestly, it was just a trim, but people thought it meant death for Jon Snow. And, they sort of weren’t wrong.

Kit Still Has Long Hair, Summer 2015

After Jon Snow lay dying in the season 5 cliffhanger, fans took solace in Harington’s still long locks. Though fans — including myself — were grasping at straws to prove Jon Snow was actually alive… he just had to be! The article about the contractual obligation circulated and Harington’s hair remained unchanged. Could it be that Harington’s hair, like Gretchen Wieners’, was full of secrets?

But Wait, He Can Cut His Hair, November 2015

In response to all of the buzz about Harington’s unchanged hair, the actor stated in November 2015 that he could change his hair whenever he wanted, insisting that the style had nothing to do with Jon Snow’s fate. Yeah right.

Jon Snow’s Hair Is Used In His Resurrection, May 2016

Because if we weren’t sure his hair was magic before, now we know it to be true.

The Man Perm, May 2016

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just like The Rachel became a hot hair trend for women in the ‘90s, the man perm is announced as a men’s hair trend, thanks to Jon Snow.

Man Bun Gate, May 2016

Fans collectively lost their minds when news broke that Jon Snow would rock a new look this season: The man bun. And, this hunky hair trend looks good on Jon Snow.

The Shaved Beard, June 2016

When Kit Harington stepped out with a shaved beard, Game Of Thrones fans freaked out and were again concerned that Harington’s changed look meant death for Jon Snow. Although, the actor announced that he shaved his beard for a shave test and that this alteration has nothing to do with Game Of Thrones. Harington explained this shave test to Digital Spy, saying:

Battle Of The Bastards, June 19, 2016

GameofThrones on YouTube

The man bun is back as part of Jon Snow’s battle look in the much anticipated ninth episode of the season, entitled “Battle of the Bastards.” It’s Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton in a battle to the death for Winterfell. Will Jon Snow’s man bun give him the strength he needs to take back his home?

We’ll be watching with bated breath on Sunday, June 19. And, Ramsay Bolton, you better not harm one single hair on Jon Snow’s beautiful head.

Images: Giphy (4); HBO