This Is Why Kit Harington Shaved His Beard

After we all spent nearly an entire year closely monitoring Kit Harington's new hairstyle for clues pertaining to Jon Snow's fate in Game of Thrones (remember when we didn't know if he'd live or die?!), now, we have something new to analyze: ICYMI, Harington shaved his beard off and sent Game of Thrones fans into another round of panic. Honestly, by now Harington should know to send out mass warnings about upcoming changes to his hair, facial or otherwise — if he doesn't, he could trigger some sort of worldwide Jon Snow meltdown. Anyway, as it turns out, Harington's new look has a very simple reason behind it that has nothing to do with Jon's fate.

"I'm doing what's called a shave test or something," Harington revealed to Digital Spy. "For my next job I have to work out how quickly I can grow a beard. To do that, I have to shave. So I'm not having to take selfies everyday, it's not fun!"

Poor Harington admitted to Digital Spy he was baffled by the reaction to his shorn beard. When his manager sent him links to major news sites covering his lack of a beard, he said was amused to say the least. After all, actors change their looks for roles all the time, even when they are on the biggest television series in the world.

Honestly, after the traumatic year between Game of Thrones Season 5 and Season 6, I'm pretty sure no one can blame fans for spazzing out over Harington's new look. To Harington, though, he's been enjoying the perks of being beard-free — mostly because, he said, it means he can walk down the street incognito. "I guess I'm associated with a look, so having shaved there was less being noticed, so that was quite fun," Harington told Digital Spy.

Now there is a new question for Harington devotees to ponder. What is this new project that requires Harington to know just how long it takes for his beard to grow back? The actor is currently wrapping up his West End run of Doctor Faustus, so he could have another playing coming up to keep him busy between Game of Thrones seasons. His IMDb page is not exactly forthcoming, but he does have a movie called The Death and Life of John F. Donovan in the works.

The movie covers the rise and fall of an American actor's career after his correspondence with a very young actor is exposed. It sounds like the kind of role that could require an actor to go from fresh faced young man to grizzled ex-Hollywood star over the course of short amount of time, so perhaps that is why Harington is having to monitor his beard growing speed.

On the upside, Game of Thrones fans can rest easy that Harington's beardless state will not impact Jon Snow, and everyone can resume their regularly scheduled lives until Harington dies his hair blond and starts the cycle all over again.

Image: Giphy