'Game Of Thrones' "Battle Of The Bastards" Photos Prove We're In For A Real Treat — PHOTOS

It's only during this time of year that I notice how long seven days really is, because it's the amount of time we have to wait between episodes of everybody's favorite HBO drama. So instead of twiddling our thumbs, let's take a look at the first photos from Game of Thrones' "Battle of The Bastards" episode. That's the name we've been given for Game of Thrones' ninth episode of Season 6, which will air on Jun. 19 — and since those of us who have been paying attention during the series' run know that the ninth episode of any given season is typically where all the big moves get pulled and our minds get blown, fans are kind of holding on to their socks in preparation for them to be blown off.

I'd previously speculated by the title that we'd be seeing a knock-down, drag-out fight between the two most notorious bastards on the show right now — Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow — over the claim to Winterfell. You've got Ramsay on the inside being all evil bastard, pretending like he owns the place, and you've got Jon on the outside being all good bastard, wanting to reclaim his childhood home from the people who stole it and get back to the very important business of girding the North against the wave of White Walkers making their inevitable, inexorable way beyond the wall. So yeah, quite the setup. And according to these photos, it all comes to a head on Sunday night. There are no images of the two armies actually engaging, but judging by the intensity on the faces of the individuals portrayed, it goes down.

Let's start with this one. Notice that Jon is mounted and has what appears to be Longclaw, making this next one...

...all the more terrifying! Because he's standing on the ground facing a wall of advancing horses. I hate it.

Especially because look how intense these forces are! Nobody is effing around.

The good news is, we still have Wun Wun on the good side, and potentially more giants where he came from.

And your boy Tormund looks like he's doing what he was put on this earth for — scream into the face of the enemy as he rushes them.

But Ramsay being so cool, calm, and collected is really putting me off. I'd like for him to look at least a little nervous. I mean... I assume the good side wins, right? Oh god, please don't hurt me again, Game of Thrones. I can't stand to lose any more characters I love.

Although I will say, if anyone's presence is going to put me at ease, it's Sansa, for one:

And Davos for two:

Those are two people who I feel like have seen enough stuff at this point to be able to hold their own in almost any situation, and I'm glad they each have Jon's back.

Now all that's left is to wait and see how this all shakes out come Sunday; all we know is that it's going to be an insane episode, so don't you dare miss it.

Images: Courtesy of HBO/Helen Sloane (5); Courtesy of HBO (4)