'The Conjuring 2's Scary Nun Is Getting A Spinoff & That's Not Even The Best Part Of This News

If there's one thing that The Conjuring franchise knows how to do, it's create entities that are downright terrifying. The first film in the James Wan-directed franchise featured Annabelle, aka the doll of your nightmares, whose presence was so terrifying that Annabelle got her very own spinoff in 2014. Now, The Conjuring 2 has created a character so disturbing that she, too, will receive top billing in her own big screen treatment. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Conjuring 2's scary nun will receive her own spinoff, The Nun , and I have no problem admitting the promise of a reprise of the character is enough to keep me up at night. While it's impressive that the film already has a spinoff in the works, what's even crazier is that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the nun wasn't supposed to appear in The Conjuring 2 at all.

If you hid behind your hands whenever the nun walked onto the screen, you should probably know that you would have originally been hiding from a different kind of demon. According to the report, the changes to the demon didn't happen until March, a mere three months before the movie was supposed to open in theaters. Originally, the script called for a horned figure, but apparently, that wasn't creepy enough for director James Wan. The director told New Line that he wanted to reshoot the scenes with the horned figure and replace them with the nightmare-inducing nun, and, smartly, the development company went for it. I say smartly because now The Nun can follow in Anabelle's footsteps, a movie which, according to Box Office Mojo made over 84 million dollars domestically on the hope that enough people would face their fears of evil dolls.


Wan also made a smart choice, artistically speaking. While I can't speak to how scary the original character would have been, one of my favorite parts of The Conjuring 2 was the look of the demonic figure. Horned, devil-like entities are pretty common place in horror flicks, but a demon taking on the image of a nun is a very different breed. Though it's possible that a spinoff would have worked with the original character, the nun as the central horror of the upcoming film allows the filmmakers to explore a variety of backstories. My question throughout The Conjuring 2 — one that was never answered in the film — was why the entity took on the persona of a nun in the first place. A spinoff will likely answer this question, and I can't wait to see the terrifying way it does.

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