This Met Ball Photo Of Taylor & Tom Is Super Sly

In the aftermath of the wrecking ball taken to our dreams about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' 15-month romance — a romance that appears to have ended with a tweet promising "love" and "respect" being deleted by Harris, along with a host of now-erased couple photos — a new photo of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston in the same vicinity at the Met Ball has emerged. Now, I admit, there is nothing even vaguely inappropriate about being photographed eight feet behind somebody and somebody's friend (even if that friend is the-other-maybe-James-Bond Idris Elba), but in light of The Sun's photos that seemingly show Swift and Harris kissing and snuggling on Rhode Island, it raises a whole lot of new questions.

You can see the photo here. And an even more zoomed in version here. Bustle has reached out to Hiddleston and Swift's reps for comment — Swift's rep has yet to respond, while Hiddleston's rep had no comment.

I mean, on one hand, I'm like, OK, calm down, me. Of course they met at the Met Ball; they danced together. We knew this. "I love dancing, who doesn't? ... I haven't actually danced for a long time, but I happened to be dancing at the Met Gala because it was a party," Hiddleston explained to the Press Association. "I was on a table with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd was playing and she said, 'The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance' and you're making music. She, as a musician, was like, ‘We've got to dance for The Weeknd' so we got up and danced." I mean, this isn't new news.

But. But!

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's difficult to calm down when you spot a Taylor Swift in the background of what had previously been a lovely, friendly photo of two men who may or may not be the next James Bond but are totally friends anyway. And then, a month and a half later, when photos emerge of Swift and Hiddleston (henceforth referred to as Hiddleswift) kissing and cuddling and taking selfies on a beach. What does it mean? What does this all mean?

To Calvin Harris, whose breakup with Swift was officially announced on June 1, it may mean something. After all, you can't find any proof of Harris and Swift's long-term coupling on any of his social media pages, and he appears to have backtracked on that whole "love" and "respect" thing by deleting that tweet.

That said, Harris has made zero public comment on the photos — for that matter, it hasn't even been confirmed that the photos are real. After all, Hiddleswift are two people who spend a whole lot of time behind the camera. (Usually not making out with one another, I admit. But I digress.)

^ The above is real footage of myself right now.

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