6 YouTube Channels For Readers

by Julia Seales

If you spend all your free time reading books, reading articles about what books you should read next, talking about books, and going to book club... you need to be watching BookTube. And what is BookTube, you ask? Well, there is actually an entire community on YouTube where vloggers discuss all things books. From book reviews, to TBR suggestions, to book "haul" videos, the topics of these videos will make any lit lover hit "subscribe." These vloggers will give you serious bookshelf envy, too, because their book collections are absolutely beautiful.

BookTube is an extremely welcoming and friendly part of YouTube, because the creators of the videos (and the viewers of them) just want to sit around and discuss books. If your book club just isn't enough for you — or if your friends don't have as many literary discussions as you'd like — this is a perfect place to get your fill of book talk. Plus, you can find some great reading recommendations while you're at it.

Speaking as someone who often gets lost in random rabbit holes of YouTube videos, I can say that BookTube is one of my favorite vlogging Wonderlands. I even have a BookTube channel myself, because I can't get enough of reading. If you're in the same boat, here are some YouTube channels you'll love.

1. climbthestacks

According to Ashley's YouTube bio, "the name Climb the Stacks is from a Ray Bradbury quote: 'You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads.'" On her channel, she talks about a wide variety of books, from literary fiction to memoir to Harry Potter, and her no-nonsense, informative tone will appeal to readers who love those same genres.

2. PolandBananasBooks

On this channel you'll find everything from book reviews to author interviews to comedic videos based on books. Christine has a LOT of energy, so you'll never be bored watching her discuss her favorites. If you love YA and belong to lots of fandoms, you'll especially love this channel, because she often discusses book series like Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and the Lunar Chronicles.

3. jessethereader

Jesse makes videos on everything from book hauls, to BookTube challenges and tags, to reviews. He reads a lot of YA, but overall reads a pretty wide variety of genres, so you're bound to see a review for a book you'll like. The challenge videos are probably my favorite — Jesse often creates them himself and they're always entertaining. After all, what true YouTube fan can resist a challenge??

4. Jen Campbell

Jen is the author of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores series and The Bookshop Book, so she definitely knows what she's talking about. Her wrap-up videos, where she discusses what she read over the month and what she liked, are my favorite, and she also does frequent book giveaways.

5. padfootandprongs07

Raleen reads SO. MUCH. She also loves Harry Potter as much as you do, so be prepared for lots of HP-related videos (if you couldn't tell from her channel title). I like her book reviews because they're spoiler-free, and I can decide if I'd like to read something without worrying about someone giving away the ending.

6. Jellafy

My favorite videos on Jellafy are the book-related comedy videos. I love book reviews and hauls and wrap-ups (which you can also find on this channel), but there's something about a video like the one above with literary-centered jokes that make this channel one of my favorites on BookTube.

Image: YouTube/Jellafy (1)