Photos Of North West's Birthday At Disneyland Will Make You Want Her Life

It's a pretty well accepted fact that North West is one of the luckiest toddlers ever. Not only are her parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but she's always impeccably dressed and, thanks to her mom's huge family, she always has someone around to play with. Oh, and by the way, the way she spent her third birthday is by doing something pretty much anybody would be jealous of. This year, North West celebrated her birthday at Disneyland with her family, and obviously, she looked like an actual princess doing it. Of course, this news isn't exactly surprising since the Kardashians are always at Disneyland, but that doesn't make the resulting photos from their day any less adorable.

Because not only was she wearing a big pink princess dress — Sleeping Beauty, obvs — with a crown and her hair in a perfect bun, but she was also surrounded by woodland creatures, which princesses are wont to do. And let me remind you that this pic comes just hours after Kardashian shared a video of North promising she wouldn't get any bigger, a promise I'm hoping she actually plans to keep. Who can handle this much cute in one day?!

And as for the rest of the Kardashian Klan, it seems like Kourtney was also along for the ride, because she shared an Instagram post of fireworks over the castle. My fingers are crossed that photos of North and Penelope being princesses together surfaces soon.

North's mom also shared another video of the two of them to mark the occasion, vowing that she will never stop kissing, loving, and annoying North. Duh — that's basically what moms are for.

It's hard to believe that North is already three years old. In some ways, I feel like she's been a major player in pop culture forever, between the ridiculous looks she gives paparazzi cameras and how frequently Other times, I can't believe that Kim Kardashian is a mother of two and that this adorable little angel is already three. After watching her family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians all these years, it's exciting to see Kardashian as a mom and watch her daughter grow up, especially since it seems like North is both the happiest and the sassiest tot in the world.

Never change, North. And next year, invite me to your party, too.