Kat Von D Coyly Teased The Serpentina Palette

There is no such thing as one shade of grey whether it's clothes, eye makeup, or life. Grey, which I consider "light black," has so many variations, gradations, and intensities, making it more versatile than you think. Kat Von D teased her Serpentina palette in a coy way — with a tricky grey filter, so it looked like it featured multiple shades of light and dark grey eyeshadow for your lids. The brand is keeping Kat Von D-evotees guessing and we don't know if the palette contains blacks, greys, and charcoals to create steely, smoky eye looks or not!

Personally, if the palette came out "as is" and looks as it does in the tweeted photo shared by the brand, I would be beyond stoked. As would many Kat Von D fanatics. Black is both the brand and Von D's signature shade, mostly with aesthetics and packaging, and a palette comprised of black and grey varietals would own my life.

But the colors of the limited edition Serpentina palette, which arrives soon, holds eight pans of shadow, and has a little pot at the end, are TBD.

Ready to be trolled by a shot of the long, slim, and open palette, showing off a sneak peek of the shades distorted by a filter?

Ack! It's palette perfection "as is." Those colors look so easy to mix 'n' match and appear so complimentary. I am hoping and praying to the makeup deities that Kat Von D and co. are trolling us and hiding the shades in plain sight. Or "site." But we won't know what the actual colors will be until we get an official confirmation from the brand.

I admit that upon first look, I thought these were the actual shades and did the happy dance. Then I realized it was a filter. #IGotTrolled. Sigh.

Other essential Serpentina deets? Well, Trendmood reports that it will be available online via Sephora on July 5, but the brand has yet to confirm the dates.

It's also animal-friendly.

So you can feel good about rocking this palette.

Go ahead and gawk freely at the packaging, too. The palette shape and cut pretty much demand admirers. Now about those eyeshadow shades... Yo, Kat! Can we get a look at the legit, filter-free shades?

However, whether this ends up being the palette in its finished form or not, consider me a customer.

This fan agrees!

Image: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (2)