Get Ready To Shop Kimoji Merchandise

If you’re not already a subscriber to Kim Kardashian’s app or website, you might seriously need to reconsider your choice not to be charged monthly for enjoying these platforms. Where can you buy the Kimoji merchandise? You guessed, straight from the app and website themselves.

So, you thought it was cool when she came out with her own emojis, right? Well, it gets even better than that. Because not only can she be dancing around or swinging purses on your phone, but you can also have phone cases, wrapping paper and more emblazoned with a tiny Kardashian character, or at the very least, one of her infamous phrases. I mean, a “Send Nudes” phone case, how Kim K is that?

Kardashian’s been teasing the products on social media leading up to their June 16 launch date and so far, she’s mentioned that there will be phone cases and wrapping paper available for sale. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s got even more up her sleeve. She always does, you know? So, if you haven’t already — go on and download her app. You’re not going to want to miss out on pop culture must-haves pieces. Don’t deny yourself any longer. Kimoji gear and more awaits as soon as you press the “Open app” option.

Bae wrapping paper? Your gift-giving game is going to be so strong.

I'm loving the idea of a Kimoji phone case.

Just when you think Kim K can't get any better, she goes and proves you wrong, you know?