'Parks and Rec' Season 6 Details About Leslie Knope's Future Will Make You Tear Up

When we last connected with the people who make up the fictional government of Pawnee, they were saying goodbye to two of their own. Ann and Chris may now be gone, but the show's showing no sign of stopping, so it all begs the question: What next? One of Parks and Rec 's benevolent gods, Michael Schur, talked about that very question in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

First, let's talk about what Schur said about Leslie's journey for the latter half of Season 6, dealing with the ongoing question of her political career:

God, he just talks Leslie Knope so good. Especially when he goes into the possibility of Leslie leaving the Parks department:

And the part that breaks my heart but makes creative sense so I guess I'll let them do it:

I'm not crying, you're crying. There's just a branch in my eye, is all.

You can read the rest over at Entertainment Weekly (there's a ton of interesting stuff we didn't even include here), and just in general ask yourself: Aside from to the White House (which seems unlikely), where do you want to see Leslie Knope go?

Images: NBC, Gifrific