Who Is Glenn Garcia From 'Big Brother 18'? The Contestant Could Have A Leg Up In The Competition

If you've been searching your whole life to try to find something to make summer feel as magical as it did when you were a kid, please come with me as I answer this question — who is Glenn Garcia from Big Brother 18 ? Because you guys! Big Brother is the solution to all our problems! It's that thing that can Make Summer Great again, just trust me on this! It happens every year, lasts for a limited amount of time, and is such a satisfying guilty pleasure that you'll find yourself simultaneously craving the next day of coverage and dreading the moment it's over. In short, it's everything we've been looking for in an adult summer vacation, a time when you can turn your brain off, relax, and just enjoy, and we need to treat it with the respect it deserves. And the way I personally am going to do that is by doing a deep dive on some of the newly-announced BB 18 contestants... starting with Glenn Garcia.

The first thing that's probably going to strike you about this Houseguest is his age: Glenn is 50 years old, making him the oldest person in the house, and giving him 18 years on the next oldest Houseguest, at 32, and a full 27 on the youngest two, who are just 23. So yeah, I just did some fast math, and the age difference between Glenn and the youngest players is almost exactly the same as the average age of all the Houseguests — 27.5. Crazy. But don't write Glenn off because of it! Not only is he far from the oldest person to ever compete, but his age and experience could actually be an advantage.

First of all, he's been on the planet long enough to try his hand at more jobs than most of his competitors will have gotten around to; Glenn had a career as an detective in the NYPD before switching to a mobile dog-grooming business that he runs himself, called Pet Pampering Patrol. So what we're working with here is a person who has the intelligence and intuition of a New York City detective, and the motivation, confidence, and adaptability of an entrepreneur? Hoo boy, everybody better be looking out for Glenn, because that is a dangerous, game-winning combination.

And what else do we know about this Bronx native that can inform us of how he might do in the game? Well, he has a fiancée and a 9-year old daughter waiting for him at home, and he says ever since his daughter was born, he cries at everything, so he's really going to be doing whatever it takes to make his family proud. Up to and including bringing home that money. It sounds like the only slight obstacle that might stand in his way is one he's pointed out himself: his temper. Glenn said in his pre-interview with Jeff Schroeder, above, that his mouth was going to be his greatest challenge; if people get under his skin, he finds it tough to keep his cool. But he also cited players like Evel Dick and Frankie Grande as his inspirations as far as game play, so even that weakness could turn out to be an advantage, if Glenn plays it right!

Can't wait to see what happens, tune in on Jun. 22 on CBS to see how it all goes down!

Image: CBS