New Christina Aguilera Song Proves She's An Ally

While it's undoubtedly a warm, supportive step for an artist to express their deepest condolences, it's far more impressive (and less common) for a musician to take action to try and help. So let's celebrate the new Christina Aguilera song 'Change,' which has been released to raise money for the 49 victims of the Orlando tragedy's families and to raise money for the survivors. This is available for download on iTunes. Aguilera published an accompanying statement on her website in which she spoke movingly about her personal response to the tragedy, explaining that what happened at Orlando "continues to weigh heavily on [her] mind" and stating her desire "to help be part of the change this world needs to make it a beautiful inclusive place where humanity can love each other freely and passionately."

It's a genuinely moving and beautiful piece of music, with the chart-topping diva's voice getting a real workout. However, while the melody is sweet and haunting, ultimately it's the lyrics which really stick with you, with the song segueing smoothly from Aguilera's memories to her political views on the tragedy: "Who you love or the color of your skin / Or the place that you were born and grew up in / Shouldn't decide how you will be treated / 'Cause we're all the same when everybody's breathing." Wonderful as this is, Aguilera's generous actions are hardly surprising. After all, the singer has been a long-term LGBT ally.

When she released her 2002 music video for 'Beautiful,' the video was notable for its inclusion of individuals who can be marginalized by cis society, including a gay couple and a transgender person. The rousing self-love anthem meant Aguilera won a GLADD Award (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for her positive portrayal of gay and transgender people.

This isn't the only time Aguilera has been vocal about her support for the community. In a 2012 interview with advocate.com, when asked why Aguilera resonates so much with LGBT fans, the singer responded:

I cannot be more thankful for the support over the years from the community. Even when I felt I couldn’t stand, they held me up and supported me. I think we can each related to each other and I am forever indebted.

This, to me, makes Aguilera a great ally. She doesn't just support the community but acknowledges the support that she receives, both as an artist and personally. Aguilera's careful not to be fall into the behaviour that allies can be guilty of: patronizing or condescending, instead of helping; but acknowledges her debt. In the same article, she also references another song that embraces LGBT themes, 'Army of Me,' which she says was written for “people that are maybe misunderstood or don’t fit into the norm, but deserve a voice.”

The LGBT community is clearly close to Aguilera's heart and her latest measure just goes some way to prove this. Kind and supportive words are a wonderful thing, but financial support in this difficult time is essential. Let's hope some Aguilera's song release encourages more high-profile allies to take concrete measures to support the community.

Images: CAguileraVEVO/Youtube (2)