13 Things You Notice Rewatching 'Deadpool', Even As A Diehard Fan

I think it's safe to say the we, as a society, can't get enough of Deadpool . It was the surprise smash hit of 2016 that definitely added some much-needed levity to the Marvel universe. As Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds was channelling his snarkiest, sexiest and weirdest self. The Easter eggs in Deadpool are brilliant, the references legendary and the action totally satisfying. This entry into the cinematic MCU was the palate cleanser we needed, especially after a long run of very serious MCU movies (I'm looking at you, Avengers: Age of Ultron).

So, it's not surprise that when it comes to rewatching Deadpool, there are so many things that demand to be noticed. Sure, the first time you watched it, you probably caught the snarky opening credits or Wade Wilson's love for odd pizza topping combinations. But there was so much dialogue to digest, along with a swiftly thickening plot, that there was hardly any time to catch the little things—well, that was my main problem. Which is why I have, since the first time I saw it, made it my mission to make sure I noticed every little nugget of insider goodness. I know, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it. Deadpool does not disappoint. This film is literally chock full of goodness and, oddly enough, leaves viewers with some major burning questions.

1) The X-Men References Are Perfect


Let's be real: the references to the X-Men in Deadpool come fast and loose; you may not be able to catch them all on your first viewing. Sure, you may get the Wolverine reference when Deadpool is sitting on the overpass. But did you catch his joke about how there were no other X-Men at Xavier's School when he came a-knockin' for backup? Good times.

2) Can You Handle The Green Lantern Shade Though?


"Don't make the super suit green...or animated!" Be honest: it's a pretty brilliant in-in-joke. We all remember the mess that was The Green Lantern but to have it referenced in a very meta fashion is still too funny. Do you think Reynolds suggested putting in the reference to his other failed superhero gig?

3) Vanessa Is Anything Except A Stereotypical Girlfriend


Vanessa is one tough cookie. She's definitely not going to be the average movie girlfriend. Sitting back and crying? Playing damsel-in-distress? Oh no, folks. Not today. She may worry about Wade's health but she can throw a really mean punch. Re-watching Deadpool means you get to watch Vanessa in action and that's alright by me.

4) Negasonic Teenage Warhead Deserves Her Own Movie


Why are we not rushing to get Negasonic her own movie yet? She out-sassed Deadpool by a mile and was more powerful than any of the others gave her credit for. She never fails every time I rewatch Deadpool. She's the moody teenager that will get things done. She rocks a buzz cut like nobody's business. Oh, and she's totally a feminist icon in the making. Face it: Negasonic is perfect and deserves more from the MCU.

5) We Needed More Weasel


Weasel is, hands down, the best BFF in the MCU. He's a little bit nerdy, a little bit rock n' roll and we needed so much more of him. Every time I watch Deadpool, my heart legitimately aches that there aren't more scenes with him. T.J. Miller is a king at ad-libbing and those reactions to seeing Deadpool's face get funnier every time.

6) Does Dopinder Ever Get The Girl?


Sweet Dopinder! Did you ever get Gita out of the hands of your horrible cousin? Is your cousin still in your trunk? Are you running off into the sunset with your beloved? I have so many questions for you, Dopinder, that need to be answered immediately.

7) Stan Lee Is A Strip Club DJ


Stan Lee's requisite cameo comes, this time around, during a really saucy strip club sequence. You may have missed him this first time around but when watch carefully next time. He's definitely the happiest DJ of all time.

8) There's A HYDRA Agent In There?


Didn't think HYDRA's arms reached into the MCU? Think again! Remember Bob, the one agent defending Francis in the final battle that Deadpool saves? Yeah, that's Marvel's own HYDRA Bob who actually wasn't supposed to be in the final cut of the film. Bob looks like a pretty sweet guy though. I wonder what he was like in Jacksonville.

9) But Deadpool Is Still Pretty Hot


Okay, so it's pretty grim when Wade transforms into Deadpool but there's definitely that Wade Wilson hotness radiating out of Deadpool like Daffodil Daydream. Plus, it's what's on the inside (or what's left of you after a painful experimentation phase) that counts, right?

10) Breaking The Fourth Wall Can Get A Bit Annoying


Listen, I love Wade's cheekiness as much as the next person but after the first dozen times, the fourth wall breakage gets a bit annoying. Right?

11) What Ever Happens To Angel?


One Of Deadpool's biggest baddies is Angel but she suffers from one fatal flaw: little to no character development. This leaves us wondering what actually happens to her after she gets the brunt of one of Negasonic's blasts. Here's to hoping she makes a reappearance in that upcoming Deadpool sequel.

12) The Music Is Actually Amazing


Did you stop to listen to the music yet? This film is awesomely soundtracked. The two most stand-out moments are Juice Newton's "Angel of the Morning" playing over the open credits (a spectacularly shot slow-motion car crash) and The Chordette's "Mr. Sandman" cheerily playing during Wade's transformation/torture sequence. Funny how an upbeat song can make even the most grim moments a bit more fun, huh?

13) When Will We Be Getting A Deadpool Sequel?


"'Deadpool.' That sounds like a franchise." Yes, Weasel! I'm right on board with you. It's does indeed sound like a franchise. So when will we be getting more Deadpool ? There's no precise date set but thank the sweet Marvel gods, the sequel is totally in the works.

Okay, these are some great new finds but I'm pretty sure I haven't even scratched the surface. You know what this means, don't you? It's time to watch Deadpool yet again.

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