13 Movies To Watch If You Loved 'Deadpool'

When Deadpool hit theaters in February, fans flocked to see the anti-superhero superhero movie. Billed as a controversial X-Men spinoff (reluctantly connected to the current X-Men movie series via two expendable X-Men), Deadpool was the surprise hit of the year. It seemed like it would be in theaters forever, but one Disney smash and superhero battle later, and the movie is nowhere to be found —Deadpool isn't coming out on DVD until May 10. That's right, fans of Ryan Reynolds' dirty-mouthed, fast-talking, blood-lusting superhero will have to wait a few more weeks before they get to take Deadpool home with them. And, while there might not be another movie quite like the R-rated Marvel hit (though that point is debatable), there are still a few films out there with a similar spirit that fans suffering from Deadpool withdrawal can watch. The below are 13 movies to watch if you loved Deadpool.

Now, the movies on this list will satisfy fans of Deadpool for very different reasons. Did you only go to Deadpool to see Ryan Reynolds charm the pants off some poor, unsuspecting villain (and a poor, unsuspecting prostitute)? There's a movie for you. Do you want to see how future Deadpool movies might fit into the X-Men movie franchise? There are a few for you, too. So, without further ado:

1. Zombieland


Zombieland is full of the kind of dark, comedic action Deadpool perfected. It's Deadpool with less superhero complex and more zombies. (Also, less nudity.) It's available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

2. X-Men: Days Of Future Past


If you're hoping to see Deadpool enter the X-Men fold, then you should probably catch up with the most recent X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. It's a fun but confusing superhero movie that will at least fill you in on some crazy ways Deadpool could factor into future films. Get it on iTunes and Amazon Video.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Before Wade Wilson became Deadpool, he actually played a part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Reynolds' first appearance in the X-Men universe doesn't exactly lead up to Deadpool (a few tweaks were made to the character in the seven years between Wolverine and Deadpool), but, again, it could help fans get a sense of how Deadpool fits in the X-Men mythology. It's available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

4. Guardians Of The Galaxy


Wacky and heavy on humor, Guardians of the Galaxy paved the way for Deadpool in many ways. The superhero despite themselves trope is definitely alive and well in Guardians, and it's definitely the best superhero movie that is anything close to being like Deadpool. It's available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Video.

5. Just Friends


If it's not the Deadpool tone you're missing, but Deadpool hunk himself, Ryan Reynolds, then Just Friends might be just what you're looking for. The comedy stars Reynolds, Amy Smart and Anna Faris as former high school classmates who reunite years later. It's funnier than it sounds, but I don't want to give too much away. See it on iTunes and Amazon Video.

6. Iron Man


The Marvel movie that started it all, Iron Man is a lot like Deadpool, hero-wise. Tony Stark and Wade Wilson are both cocky, self-indulgent and somewhat careless with their superhero status, making Iron Man a pretty safe bet to alleviate your Deadpool cravings. Watch it on iTunes and Amazon Video.

7. Cloverfield


Switching gears, monster movie Cloverfield is perfect for Deadpool fans who loved all the action, blood and gore. It's available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

8. Chronicle


The found footage tale of teen boys who get superpowers is both fascinating and slightly terrifying. So, unlike Deadpool, Chronicle isn't exactly a laugh riot, but it is a fresh, new take on the superhero genre, much like what Deadpool wanted so desperately to be. Check it out on iTunes and Amazon Video.

9. Kick-Ass


Do you strictly want to fill your Deadpool-sized hole with another R-rated superhero comedy? Then look no further. You can see it on iTunes and Amazon Video.

10. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World brings a graphic novel to life with the same kind of meta humor used in Deadpool. There's less cussing, and definitely less nudity, but the fun self-awareness that made Deadpool so intriguing is still present. It's available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

11. Shaun Of The Dead


Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead is just plain hilarious. It's up on iTunes and Amazon Video.

12. Tropic Thunder


If your favorite part of Deadpool was the outright crazy humor, like that insane sex montage or the entire opening act, you might be thinking that no other comedy could shock you. You're wrong: Tropic Thunder will slay you. You can see it on iTunes and Amazon Video.

13. Green Lantern


Normally I would never advise someone to watch Green Lantern, but if you really want to fully grasp the joking references to an animated, green super suit in Deadpool, then Green Lantern should probably be on your watchlist. Check it out on iTunes and Amazon Video (and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, there is also an Extended Cut available for purchase on iTunes. #Bless).

These 13 movies are guaranteed to make the wait for Deadpool on DVD go by faster. The wait for Deadpool 2, however, is another story.

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