23 Old Trump Tweets To Make You Cringe

It’s been amusing to watch establishment Republicans realize with horror that Donald Trump isn’t going to be moderating, pivoting to the center, or acting more “presidential” any time soon. With the general election just five months away, Trump seems content to keep on being the same racist, egomaniacal bully he’s always been — and as these old Trump tweets from years ago demonstrate, this shouldn’t be the slightest bit surprising. It’s in his DNA.

When Trump clinched the GOP nomination in May, a lot of Republicans assumed he’d soften his tone in the general election in order to win over moderate and swing voters. This was always a delusional assumption, given absolutely everything Trump has said and done over his entire public life, but still, the GOP held out hope.

But since then, the presumptive nominee has confirmed several times over that he has no plans to pull an “Etch-A-Sketch” and act more reasonable for the general election. From his flatly racist comments about a Mexican judge to his infamous taco bowl tweet, Trump seems content to keep on doing what he’s been doing this entire campaign.

Trump’s personality quirks were on display well before he launched his presidential run. As a look back at some of his older tweets shows, he has always been a retaliatory, thin-skinned man obsessed with petty grudges, conspiracy theories and, first and foremost, himself.

Trump has frequently quoted himself on Twitter.

This self-quote from 2012 is oddly prescient when applied to the presidential campaign he'd eventually run four years later.

He's also always had a penchant for bizarre, unfounded conspiracy theories.

Trump's Twitter history is full of petulant insults and broadsides, often hurled at seemingly random targets.

There are the incorrect predictions...

The notorious thin skin...

... and the flat-out bizarre.

Lastly, there's this gem from 2012.

Trump might want to keep these words of wisdom in mind as he's busy tearing the Republican Party to pieces.