11 'The Bachelorette' Season 12 Quotes That Made Us Cringe, Because Some Of These Guys Say The Strangest Things

It happens every season: The Bachelorette premieres and, without fail, the cringe-worthy comments start popping up like weeds. Really it’s only natural with a show like The Bachelorette, one in which 25 men are vying for the heart of one woman. With that many dudes in a room, there are bound to be some testosterone-filled moments where the guys say some pretty dumb things. And this season of The Bachelorette seems to be winning the dumb comment contest by a landslide. Because there are a lot of Bachelorette Season 12 quotes that made us cringe. As the episode aired and drama commenced, these comments made us want to turn away from these guys and turn off our TVs.

But chances are we didn’t, because cringe-worthy moments are sort of par for the course on The Bachelorette. Let's be honest: they’re some of the things that we love the most about The Bachelorette. What else is reality television for if not to make ourselves feel better about our behaviors and our love lives through the gaffs of other willing participants?

So I say enjoy them. Soak them in. Let the creepiness of these Season 12 Bachelorette quotes infiltrate your lives. Let reliving them in this list remind you of all the wonderful things that the Bachelorette is so good for.

1. When The Guys Sang A Song With JoJo's Name In It

Were there any other lyrics than these? I wasn't impressed.

2. When Chad Gave Terrible Dating Advice

I think you have it really, really wrong here, buddy.

3. When Chad Called The Other Guys Weak

Being sensitive, having feelings, and doing yoga does not make a man weak. Unfortunately, these comments were just the start of Chad's chauvinism.

4. When They Had An Angergasm

This entire date was cringe-worthy if you ask me.

5. When Jordan Name Dropped His Brother

Keep your famous family to yourself, Jordan.

6. When Chad Questioned JoJo's Decision To Keep Evan

The thing that I love (and hate) about Chad is that he says the things to JoJo that he really should save for his interview packages.

7. When Evan Couldn't Wait To Tell His Kids About Making Out With JoJo

Ew ew ew EW ew ew.

8. When Jordan Did His Touchdown Dance

Some cringe-worthy moments required no words. Also, shouldn't he be better at this?

9. When Chad Called JoJo Naggy

That justifies a knee to the balls in my world. How JoJo kept him around after that comment is beyond me.

10. When Jonathan Took His Limo Entrance Too Far

TMI, dude in the kilt. TMI.

11. When JoJo Got A Little Too Excited About Her Harem

This probably came off as pretty innocent to most people watching, but with most contestants on this show focusing their rhetoric on finding love, JoJo getting all boy crazy in the first episode was definitely uncomfortable.

Admit it: cringe-worthy for a show like this is totally synonymous with amazing. Keep the awkward coming, boys.

Image: ABC/Rick Rowell; Giphy (11)