'Scandal' Parodies Are the Best Parodies

by Alanna Bennett

Look, we love us some Scandal. It's high-octane excitement every minute, every hour. It never stops. This same quality, of course, lends the show to, shall we say, parody. Spoofing. Not mocking, really, because at the end of the day we're still all the loyal servants of Shonda Rhimes and should all just be grateful she allows us to live in her world. And by god, we missed Scandal badly.

When last we left Scandal, Fitz was still Fitzing all over the place, Jake had taken over B613 and delivered a big "BOO-YAH" speech to Olivia's dad, Meredith Grey's mom (or Vice President Sally Langston, depending who you ask) had murdered her gay husband in cold blood and made Cyrus' job that much worse, and Cyrus was in a cold war of a marriage with his husband James. Oh, and Olivia's mom is probably an evil terrorist.

Basically, everything was as BATSHIT INSANE as usual, but it still felt like a whole new level of crazy, you know?

Which brings us to the wonderful world of Scandal parodies, because sometimes the only way to deal with everything that happens in the wacky world of Olivia Pope is to take the white coats, the wine, the poor relationship decisions and the "IT'S HANDLED" and turn it into satirical art.

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Image: ABC