This Star Wars Father's Day Shoutout From Mark Hamill Is Absolute Perfection

Father's Day must be an odd time for the Skywalker family. There's the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader as the family patriarch, a runaway son (Luke), and a grandson who's so twisted with messed up love for his grandfather that he (Force Awakens spoiler!) kills his own father. With that type of relationship, you can't assume those guys are spending their Father's Day going on a fishing trip together or making sure to check out Macy's for sales on ties. That said, the actors who play these Star Wars characters have some thoughts on the holiday, and they're absolutely hilarious. On Sunday, both Dave Prowse, who provided the body of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones did voice) and Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) gave the world some much-needed Father's Day comedy.

It all started when Prowse tweeted a photo of himself as Darth Vader and captioned it, "#HappyFathersDay from Darth Vader #IAmYourFather." If that had been the end of the joke, it would have been funny enough. Seeing a de-helmeted Vader looking so cheery is great, and having the actor pay homage to one of the most misquoted lines in all movie history from The Empire Strikes Back (the line is "No, I am your father" but for some reason everybody always says, "Luke, I am your father) is comedy gold.

But the joke didn't end there. It got even better when Hamill jumped into the fray. The actor tweeted at the older star with an acknowledgement of his movie parentage:

And it only got better from there. Prowse/Vader continued to encapsulate the meaning of Father's Day with a good ole fashioned "dad joke."

I can just imagine Vader nudging Skywalker in the ribs as they stand together barbecuing weenies for their yearly Father's Day barbecue. "Do you get it? Hand? Because I cut off your hand with my light saber in our battle to what I intended to be the death during Empire Strikes Back? You get it, right? Right?" I can picture Vader saying.

To top it all of, Hamill ended his foray into Star Wars dad jokes by sharing some great old school images and Vader fan art. What a great day to be a fan of that galaxy far, far away.

This Father's Day is the ideal time to remember one of pop culture's most dramatic father/son duos. Grab your dads or your grandfathers or the father figures in your life and have a Star Wars screening party today.