Brandi & Bryan Are Working On It On 'RHOD'

Without a doubt, my favorite housewife on Real Housewives Of Dallas this season was Brandi. I felt like we as viewers really got to know her, and I loved meeting her estranged family as well as her friendship with Stephanie. Also, the girl knows her way around a poop joke. If we can’t laugh at poop jokes, what good are we as a society, you know? But I did feel bad about her marriage — her husband, Bryan, was such a jerk to her, and she talked about the problems in their marriage on the Real Housewives Of Dallas reunion show. Even Andy was in tears.

On the show, we saw that Bryan was constantly traveling for work, and Brandi felt really alone and alienated by it. I would be, too, if it were just me and the kids and no one else. The problem was, it didn’t seem like Bryan cared. Brandi asked for what she needed, and he literally walked away from her at dinner. At the reunion, Brandi explained that basically Bryan wasn’t happy about Real Housewives Of Dallas showing their life — he even brought up a divorce. But the show helped highlight their issues together, and they’re in therapy and working through it. No divorce on the horizon.

I think it’s hard for couples to survive on a show like Real Housewives — I mean, how many have broken up after starting the show? Scrutiny and constant filming is always hard, so I get where Brandi is coming from. I also, though, think Bryan needs to take more of a responsibility in how crappy he is to her — I mean, being on a reality show won’t ruin a marriage unless the marriage is already on the outs, right? Either way, I hope Brandi has a special, happily ever after… and I mean that even after next season.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy