This 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6B Recap Will Get You Ready To #SaveHanna

Let's be honest — Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer really needed a few uneventful years in their lives. After A was unmasked, they headed off to college and enjoyed their temporary freedom. When Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premieres on June 21, that freedom will be a distant memory and the Liars will race against the clock to save Hanna and identify their latest tormentors before it's too late. Viewers got a peak at two of the villains, but A.D. is still at large — and the Liars don't know that three people are after them this time. In case your memory is a little fuzzy, let's recap Pretty Little Liars Season 6B before the premiere — because Hanna can't afford for us to forget any details.

For reasons that are totally understandable, the Liars have avoided Rosewood at all costs during the time jump. When Season 6B kicks off, they're scattered across the country and haven't stayed in close touch. Aria works at a publishing house in Boston, Hanna is a fashion assistant in New York City, and Spencer is a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Out of everyone, Emily's had it the hardest — after her dad's death, she dropped out of school and wiped out her savings.

The Liars' return to Rosewood marks a new era that looks eerily similar to their past — and the stakes are higher than ever now that A.D. has captured Hanna. The Season 7 premiere will be action-packed, so here's a handy look back at all the twists and turns of Season 6B.

The Liars Return To Rosewood — Just In Time For Another Murder

The Liars have avoided Rosewood since high school, but they reluctantly return when Ali asks them to testify at a hearing for Charlotte's potential release. Emily, Hanna, and Spencer lie to the judge, but Aria tells him she would never feel safe if Charlotte walked free. She's allowed to go home anyway, but it doesn't end well — Charlotte's body is found the next morning and the Liars immediately become suspects in her murder. As if dealing with the Rosewood PD isn't bad enough, they begin getting texts from a new Big Bad demanding they provide the name of Charlotte's killer. There's no place like home, am I right?

Sara Harvey Won't Go Away

I was definitely not clamoring to see her character after the time jump, but Sara Harvey is everywhere. She's living at Radley (which is now a swanky hotel) in Charlotte's old room, but her exact role in the A game is still unclear. There's no word on whether or not she still takes 10 showers per day, but we learn that Sara's hands were badly burned on prom night and she blames the Liars for not helping her.

Spaleb Happened

It was just as painful as you remember. I don't want to talk about it.

Mona Still Can't Be Trusted

The original A is back in Rosewood, too — and she's suspicious as ever. Mona admits that she called Charlotte on the night of her murder, but claims that she never showed up for their arranged meeting. The Liars make clear to Mona that they still don't trust her, but she tags along when they unsuccessfully set a trap for A.D. in the finale.

Ali Marries Dr. Rollins

With her dad AWOL and her friends away at school, Ali became close with the wrong person — Charlotte's doctor, Elliott Rollins. They impulsively get married during Season 6B and viewers later learn that Dr. Rollins has his own agenda that Ali knows nothing about (more on that later).

A.D. Kidnaps Hanna

In an effort to catch A.D., Caleb and the Liars set up a trap at the Lost Woods Resort. Hanna offers herself as bait and it goes just as well as you'd expect in Rosewood — the last time we saw Hanna, her unconscious body is being dragged to the dreaded bell tower. Yikes.

Two Villains Are Unmasked

In the show's creepiest reveal ever, we learn that Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake have been "hiding in plain sight" all season. Mary, who is Jessica DiLaurentis' secret twin sister, gave birth to Charlotte while she was a patient at Radley and Dr. Rollins fell in love with her while she was his patient. Once they've successfully tricked Ali into believing she needs to enter a psychiatric hospital, Rollins and Mary triumphantly vow to avenge Charlotte's death and take what's rightfully theirs.

Whenever one question is answered on this show, about 10 more crop up in its place. Is Dr. Rollins really in love with Charlotte or does he have a different plan? Was Charlotte working with her mom all along? Is our beloved Hanna going to survive the season? Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars may be the most exciting installment yet.

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