The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ “The Wrath Of Kahn” Episode Title Could Mean That Noel's Secrets Will Be Revealed

It seems like just about everyone is returning to Rosewood for what could be Pretty Little Liars ' final season. We know that Jenna, Paige, and Jason will make their triumphant return to the small town during the show's seventh season, but while those characters will come with baggage of their own, the person that I currently have my eye on is the infamous Noel Kahn. According to reports, Noel is officially returning to Pretty Little Liars , and it doesn't sound like he's breezing into the Brew for a quick hello. Noel sounds like he could be a big part of Season 7, especially now that PLL writer Jonell Lennon has announced that Season 7 of PLL will feature an episode titled "The Wrath Of Kahn." So why does Noel get a shoutout in the name of the upcoming episode? His return could shock us all.

According to E! Online's recent spoiler rundown for Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Jenna's former boyfriend has a few secrets of his own to spill. As reported by E! Online, everyone's return will bring surprises, but what happens with Noel's return might be the biggest surprise of them all. Though we're not sure when this big surprise will happen, it's very possible that we'll be diving into Noel's secrets in the episode named after him.

It's not the first time the show hinted at Noel's secrets. Back in Season 4, when it was finally revealed that Noel has been one of the people helping Alison, Alison confides in the Liars that he's doing so because "he has secrets, too." We still have no clue what Alison was referring to, but it did give Noel depth that we never realized was there. Noel had to have some pretty dark and disturbing secrets in order to risk his life helping Alison, and "The Wrath Of Kahn" might be the episode where these secrets are officially revealed.

So what could these secrets be? It could have something to do with Charlotte. Noel's older brother Eric is around Charlotte's age, and it seemed like Eric was quite friendly with the eldest DiLaurentis. Maybe Noel was closer to Charlotte than he let on. In fact, perhaps Noel got into trouble because of something that he did years earlier, and "Cece" and Alison helped cover it up. It would be the reason why Noel not only helps Alison in New York during the premiere of Season 5, but Charlotte as well — maybe, for some reason, he feels he owes them one.

One thing that comes to mind is that fraternity party incident, where the girl fell down the stairs. Charlotte's roommate said Cece blamed Alison for that, but maybe that wasn't the whole story. Perhaps Noel pushed the girl down the stairs instead, and convinced Charlotte to take the blame instead. Charlotte's "help" could mean that Noel felt indebted to both Charlotte and Alison.


That's a dark turn for the enigma that is Noel, but it's definitely a big secret he'd want to hide. No matter what happens in "The Wrath Of Kahn," I'm just happy that we get to catch up with the ever-mysterious Rosewood bro.

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