Miley Cyrus' "Hemsworth" Shirt Is The Latest Evidence She's On Her Way To Officially Joining The Family

For someone who has never officially confirmed she is re-engaged, Miley Cyrus sure likes to drop some serious hints that she's well on her way to marrying Liam Hemsworth. In addition to the selfies she's shared where her engagement ring is on prominent display, Cyrus just posted photo of herself in a "Hemsworth" shirt — a mirror selfie, natch — complete with a tee emblazoned with her future hubby's name on the back. If the "Wrecking Ball" singer's choice of top doesn't scream "soon-to-be-Mrs.-Hemsworth," well, nothing does. In fact, Cyrus' "Hemsworth" shirt is just the latest piece of evidence that she's well on her way to officially becoming a part of the Aussie family.

Cyrus, who hails from a big family herself, has become especially close to Hemsworth's sister-in-law, Elsa Pataky. (Yes, she would be Chris Hemsworth's wife, and yes, it's entirely acceptable to be jealous AF.) In January 2016, around the time those Cyrus/Hemsworth reconciliation rumors got started, the singer was in Australia, partying with Pataky for the New Year. Not only was Cyrus in the Hunger Games star's home country getting close with him, she was also bonding with her potential sister-in-law — a fact that only strengthened the argument that she was back with Hemsworth.

Cyrus and Pataky only grew closer in the months to come, even getting matching wave tattoos and spending a girls' getaway weekend together in April. In May, Cyrus was photographed going out for a "low-key meal" with (almost) the entire Hemsworth family, including the actor's parents, brother Luke, and Luke's wife. (I'm guessing Thor and Pataky had to stay home with their twins that night.) Bottom line: Cyrus and the Hemsworths are incredibly close — and even though she's not an ~official~ member of the fam yet, it's pretty darn heartwarming to see how tight-knit the whole group is.

Of course, the Cyrus family is equally as accepting of Hemsworth. After all, he and Cyrus were engaged before (and had been together since 2010). He even once spent Thanksgiving with her family. And did I mention that Billy Ray Cyrus (recently) offered to officiate their wedding ceremony? Because that happened, too.

While fans are still impatiently waiting on the official announcement from Cyrus and Hemsworth, it looks like Cyrus' shirt will have to do all the talking for now. After all, a picture says a thousand words...