Is Amy Poehler's New Pilot Unstoppable?

Okay, Old Soul is not messing around. So far, the roster includes the always hilarious Fred Willard, EGOT legend Rita Moreno, and the fantastic Natasha Lyonne. How could the cast of Amy Poehler’s NBC pilot get any better? Oh, why not throw the award-winning, nothing short of brilliant Ellen Burstyn into the mix? BAM. Um, is this an incredible cast? Yep, this is a textbook example of "an incredible cast." Ellen Burstyn will play the lead in Old Soul opposite Lyonne.

Burstyn is set to take on the role of Lyonne’s aunt Eileen, “an earthy lesbian with a New Age bent who has recently survived cancer.” Oh, so exactly like her Flowers in the Attic role, huh? Ugh, typecasting, amirite? (Yes, that’s a hot heap o’ sarcasm you smell. Sorry about that.) Nadia (Lyonne) is a "reformed wild child" who takes care of elderly folk, but who's looking out for Nadia? Aunt Eileen!

The pilot for Old Soul is written and executive produced by Poehler, Josh Bycel (Happy Endings) and Jonathan Fener (American Dad!). The pilot's director is David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer, Childrens Hospital). Whoa whoa whoa.

My expectations? Oh, they are THROUGH THE ROOF.