Sophia Pierson From 'WAGS' Already Has One Connection To The Series

The cast of WAGS is getting just a little bit bigger this season, with an addition of two new women who are "wives and girlfriends" of professional athletes. And new cast member Sophia Pierson isn't just reportedly dating a hockey player from the Tampa Bay Lightning, she also has another connection to this show. Sophia Pierson is the sister of Olivia Pierson, who was a cast member in Season 1, even though she technically wasn't married to an athlete. But Olivia and her cousin, Natalie Halcro, provided most of the exciting moments in Season 1, so I think adding another member of the "girlfriends, not wives" side of the WAGS divide could make for an exciting sophomore season.

The Season 2 trailer suggests that there's going to be a ton of conflict between the ladies this season, with things once again dividing down "wives" and "not wives" lines. I'm assuming that Sophia will side with her family on this one, since the trailers seem to show her spending most of her time with Natalie and Olivia. But, Sophia is more than just her relative — she has plenty of her own interesting material to bring to the show. Between her career, her personal life, and her signature style — she's going to find plenty of ways to stand out.

She's Super Close To Her Sister & Cousin

This family doesn't just hang out during holidays and one summer cookout — these ladies are always together, and seem to have a very close relationship.

And She May Be Close To The Rest Of The Cast Too

It looks like Sophia will be attending Barbie's wedding during this season (her engagement was a big part of WAGS Season 1), meaning that she may actually cross the aisle to become friendly with everyone in the cast, ignoring the tension in previous seasons.

She's A Successful Model

And don't think Sophia would be happy with just one career — she's also a model, and you can see plenty of her work on her Instagram.

Her Style Has Evolved A Lot Over The Years

I think Sophia's style has actually improved a lot, taking her from rather simple makeup and brunette hair to the fully contoured, enviably-eyebrowed beauty guru she is today.

She Just Celebrated A Big Birthday

Sophia's 25th birthday was a big one. Not only did she have a huge party, but it's practically commemorated her debut as a reality star. So far, this year seems to be going pretty well for her.

She May Have Marriage On Her Mind

Sophia's love of bling means that her hockey BF should be considering whether he's ready to get serious or not — getting engaged is usually a big deal on WAGS.

Even though the show has only just begun I think there's already enough evidence out there to suggest that Sophia Pierson will be a great addition to WAGS Season 2.