'WAGS' Will Be Back With "An Even Deeper Look"

It feels like only yesterday that E! premiered its new reality show WAGS. The docu-series followed the lives of "WAGs," or the wives and girlfriends of high-profile athletes in the United States. Though I wasn't a huge fan of categorizing women purely on their relationships to someone else, it was still fascinating to get a glimpse into that world. Despite my initial hesitations about the show, I've learned a few things from WAGS. Some lessons are less meaningful — the WAGs apparently have their own self-invented hierarchy. But it's also opened my eyes to the fact that everyone, no matter their status, struggles with insecurities, like model Nicole Williams' fear of her boyfriend Larry's infidelity. The show wrapped up its first season on Tuesday night after just eight episodes, but will WAGS return for Season 2?

Back in September, E! renewed WAGS for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. E! Executive VP of Programming and Development Jason Olde also shared a little more with THR about the new season. "In it's freshman debut, WAGS caught the attention of millions of viewers and became a fan favorite, particularly among young, diverse woman," he said. "With the return of the series, viewers will get an even deeper look behind the scenes of this exclusive celebrity lifestyle and unique point of view inside the world of sports."

With Season 2 confirmed, I had to wonder what Olde could possibly mean by an "even deeper look" into the lives of the WAGs. Here are a few predictions for what WAGS might show fans when it returns.

Barbie Blank Marrying Her Fiancé Sheldon Souray

The NHL player popped the question to the former WWE Diva in August 2014, so I suspect the second season will show off a little more wedding planning. After all, one of the most dramatic episodes in the first season took place during Barbie's Bachelorette party in Miami. It's a win-win for the show. Viewers would get an inside look at Barbie's wedding in Cabo, and the producers would get all the drama that comes from planning a wedding.

Olivia Finally Becoming A WAG

Can you really forget Olivia's outburst at being the only aspiring WAG at the table after watching all of the actual WAGs speak with their loved ones? From the looks of her Instagram, she's still single. But who knows, maybe she'll find the one in time for Season 2.

Introducing New WAGS

Things always start out awkward when you force seven people into a room together for the first time. But eventually, everyone gets to know each other. For me, the best way to keep a show interesting is to introduce some fresh meat. Besides, there are some WAGs out there that are even cooler than their husbands.

Nicole Williams Learning to Trust Larry, And Vice Versa

Watching the duo's relationship unfold on camera has been tense at times. Nicole clearly doesn't trust Larry, while he seems to be equally protective over her as well. Hopefully, this couple can work through their issues before next season.

The WAGs Attending A Sporting Event

Reality shows typically rely on expensive vacations around the world to create interesting TV. However, I think seeing the WAGs watch each other's partners play would be a fascinating experience. That's the world they're a part of now, andWAGS would only get better if it makes that world the focus when Season 2 premieres.

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